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What is good pay for a delivery driver?

What is good pay for a delivery driver?

Delivery Driver Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $40,500 $19
75th Percentile $34,500 $17
Average $29,746 $14
25th Percentile $23,500 $11

What do delivery people get paid?

On Indeed, based on 136 salaries, the average for delivery drivers is $19.97 per hour. For couriers, the average pay is $13.64 based on 44 salaries. Over a year the average for drivers ranges from $22,880 to roughly $41,538 for drivers and $20,800 to roughly $28,371 for couriers.

How much do delivery drivers earn in UK?

The average delivery driver salary in the United Kingdom is £22,688 per year or £11.63 per hour. Entry level positions start at £18,999 per year while most experienced workers make up to £34,394 per year.

Do delivery drivers get paid less?

It should be noted some restaurants pay servers more than the minimum wage, and some states have higher minimum wages than the Federal minimum wage. Pizza delivery drivers typically make at least the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, usually a little more.

How much do Amazon delivery drivers earn UK?

The average amazon delivery salary in the United Kingdom is £26,325 per year or £13.50 per hour. Entry level positions start at £23,259 per year while most experienced workers make up to £27,300 per year.

Does Pizza Hut pay drivers for gas?

No. Pizza Hut drivers make servers wages while they are on the road. There is no gas bonus or anything else, added on. Drivers are like servers.

Why do delivery drivers get paid less?

Delivery drivers sometimes claim they are not adequately reimbursed for amounts expended in making deliveries, such as the costs of wear and tear on their vehicles, gas, tires, car maintenance, insurance, and the like, making their hourly earnings fall below the legal minimum wage.

Do Amazon delivery drivers pay for gas?

It’s not a glamorous high-paying job by any means — you’re a contractor, not an employee, using your own car and paying for your own gas without any direct benefits from Amazon. But it’s also relatively simple, thanks to Amazon’s impressive technology and demand for more people to deliver packages.

How much money does a delivery driver make?

How much do delivery drivers make? The average amount is around $14-$17 in the U.S. The actual sum varies from city to city. In places like Seattle, Washington D.C., Denver, and Houston, delivery drivers earn more than the national average according to some statistics.

How much money can you make as a package driver?

You certainly can make good money. So how much? The current national average is $36 an hour. If you work an eight-hour day, that means you could make $288 a day. Businesses know how important it is to get packages to where they need to be, on time, to the right person and in perfect condition.

How much does Amazon Flex delivery driver make?

Amazon Flex drivers can deliver groceries or packages and earn an average of $18 – $25. You pick up packages from an Amazon delivery station or local stores and deliver directly to customers. Depending on the order, your delivery blocks are typically 2-6 hours.

How much does a Grubhub delivery driver make?

According to some statistics, delivery drivers using the *Grubhub for Drivers app* make $20.48 per hour. (This is a gross amount.) The pay rates vary by market. Some markets offer a guaranteed hourly minimum as long as you accept a specific amount of orders. Find a delivery job in your city!

How much do Amazon delivery drivers get paid?

Amazon delivery drivers get paid $12 to $25 per hour, according to Glassdoor. The average base pay is $18 per hour with average additional pay of $1,200 (this includes bonuses and tips). Average total pay is $38,000 per year.

What are the best paying jobs for delivery drivers?

Also, the best-paying delivery jobs typically offer employees a salaried position, or at least an hourly wage with benefits. To become a delivery driver, you should have a driver’s license, a good driving record and potential commercial driving certificates. Here are 10 of the best paying delivery jobs available to you:

What’s the average salary of a UPS delivery driver?

Reported salaries are highest at United Parcel Service (UPS), Inc. where the average pay is $25.27. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) and FedEx Ground, earning around $19.05 and $14.46, respectively. Domino’s Pizza pays the lowest at around $7.68.

What’s the job description of a delivery driver?

Job Description for Delivery Driver. The primary role of a delivery driver is transportation. Delivery drivers typically operate a vehicle of some sort to deliver goods and other items to customers, clients, or other businesses. They are usually tasked with loading products into their vehicle as well.