What is an Intermittent Federal employee?

What is an Intermittent Federal employee?

Government Code (GC) section 18552 defines an intermittent position or appointment as a position or appointment in which the employee is to work periodically or for a fluctuating portion of the full-time work schedule. …

What is Intermittent work schedule?

Intermittent work schedules may be established when the work of a less than full-time position is so sporadic and unpredictable that a tour of duty cannot be scheduled in advance. The hours when the employee’s services are required constitute the hours of duty.

Do intermittent employees earn leave?

Intermittent employees do not earn sick leave or vacation/personal time and are not generally eligible for health, life insurance, or retirement benefits. There are special provisions for federal employees changing from a permanent, full-time schedule to an intermittent schedule.

What does an intermittent job position mean?

Intermittent. An intermittent job requires you to work from time to time – there is no set schedule. This is not the same as a part-time job.

Are temporary employees eligible for TSP?

Temporary intermittent employees are generally ineligible for participation in most Federal employee benefit programs. In contrast, permanent intermittent employees are eligible for participation in Federal employees’ retirement systems.

When is an intermittent work schedule an appropriate use?

5 CFR § 340.403 – Intermittent employment. § 340.403 Intermittent employment. (a) Appropriate use. An intermittent work schedule is appropriate only when the nature of the work is sporadic and unpredictable so that a tour of duty cannot be regularly scheduled in advance.

Can a federal agency make an employee a temporary employee?

Limitations on Temporary Employment Under OPM regulations, Federal agencies may make temporary appointments when they do not need an employee’s services on a permanent basis. Agencies do not have authority to convert employees serving under temporary appointments to permanent appointments.

When do you get paid for intermittent leave?

Once the need for intermittent or reduced scheduled leave is over, the employee may be restored to payment on a fluctuating workweek basis.

What does Bal 14-210 mean for federal employees?

See BAL 14-210 and the final regulation Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Modification of Eligibility to Certain Employees on Temporary Appointments and Certain Employees on Seasonal and Intermittent Schedules. How well did this answer your question? Submitting rating…

What is an intermittent government employee?

Having intermittent work means that you are scheduled less than full-time and don’t have regular work hours. The classification “intermittent employment” is often used in government and public offices to differentiate such workers from those who do keep regular employment.

What is a permanent intermittent employee?

18.1 Permanent Intermittent Appointments. A. An “intermittent” position or appointment is a position or appointment in which the employee is to work periodically or for a fluctuating portion of the fulltime work schedule. An intermittent employee may work up to 1,500 hours in any calendar year based upon SPB rule.

What is federal employee work schedule?

Work schedules. A work schedule includes the hours of a day and the days of a work week that an employee is required to work. In the Federal Government, the work schedule is sometimes called a “daily tour of duty” and “weekly tour of duty”. Some work schedules have the same hours every day and the same days every week.

Can a fed employee be fired?

Certainly, federal employees have more protection than most private-sector employees who generally serve “at-will” and can be fired with little or no notice. However, federal employees can be terminated, it just requires more diligence and effort by management.