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What is a PA registered office?

What is a PA registered office?

A registered office is the physical address where a Pennsylvania registered agent is located. Every PA registered agent must maintain a registered office within the state. A Pennsylvania registered office must be a physical location. It cannot be a PO box.

How do I find a registered agent in PA?

The PA Registered Agent’s name and address are part of the public record and available through the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website. If you would prefer your name and address aren’t published, you might choose a Registered Agent service.

Are there any companies based in West Chester PA?

Small R&D presence will remain in West Chester, PA absorbed by Finmeccanica, today Leonardo; Headquartered in Rome, Italy. Office complex is now home to QVC . Transformed several times, eventually failed as part of the 1980s junk bond fiasco. by Creative Labs, which dissolved the brand. by Symantec, which dissolved the brand.

Where are the PMA companies in Allentown PA?

Corporate Headquarters. PMA Companies. 380 Sentry Parkway. P.O. Box 3031. Blue Bell, PA 19422-0754. 1-800-222-2749. Customer Service Center | 1-888-476-2669. Allentown Office & Customer Service Center. 6990A Snowdrift Road.

Are there any companies based in the Philadelphia area?

This is a list of companies either based or with large operations in the Philadelphia / Delaware Valley area of the United States . United States Generics Headquarters, Branded Headquarters in Frazer, PA. Both sites are due to close end of 2019 or Q1 2020 and move to Parsippany, NJ. Small R&D presence will remain in West Chester, PA

Where are the registered offices in Harrisburg PA?

United Agent Services LLC 3915 Union Deposit Road #902 Harrisburg, PA 17109 302-467-3700 United Corporate Services, Inc. 3631 North Front Street Harrisburg, PA 17110 717-232-7661 United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 1729 West Tilghman Street Rear Allentown, PA 18109 United States Corporation Company 2595 Interstate Drive, Suite 103

Who are the commercial registered office providers in PA?

Commercial Registered Office Providers 1 Scaringi Financial Services LLC 2 SearchTec, Inc. 3 Sebring & Associates 4 Richard W. Shaffer, Esquire. Simply Business, Inc. Thompson & Yates, P.C. Transaction Realty Inc. Unisearch, Inc. United Agent Group Inc.

Do you need a registered office address in PA?

Under Pennsylvania law (15 P.S. Sec. 109), entities required to provide a registered office address in any document filed in the Department of State may enter into a contract for the services of a Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP), and may list the name of the CROP in lieu of providing a registered office address.