What is a divorce decree in AZ?

What is a divorce decree in AZ?

Divorce certificates contain the names of the two people who have gotten divorced, the date, and location of the divorce. Arizona divorce certificates are not made available to members of the public, but the parties involved and their attorney’s may request access to them.

Is divorce public record in AZ?

Divorce Records in the state of Arizona are generally considered court records and thus are open to members of the public.

Where can I file for divorce in Arizona?

Not all forms may be accepted in all Arizona courts – you should contact the superior court clerk of the court in which you will be filing to confirm the use of a particular form, determine whether any additional forms are required and verify the filing fees.

How does a judicial officer sign a divorce decree?

Getting Your Divorce Finalized. Before your divorce can become final, a judicial officer must sign what is called a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. The Decree tells you who gets the property, who pays the debts, who gets parenting time and legal decision-making of the minor children, who pays support and so forth.

Do you need a divorce decree for a name change?

Please indicate whether you require just the divorce decree or if you require the property settlement or custody agreement as well, and whether or not this is for a name change with the Social Security Administration.

How to file for divorce with minor children?

Part 4 – The court order / divorce decree This packet contains court forms and instructions to file for a divorce with minor children. Items in BOLD are forms that you will need to file with the Court. Non-bold items are instructions or procedures. Do not copy or file those pages!

How is child support determined in a divorce in Arizona?

Even in a divorce, Arizona law requires that both parents contribute to the well-being and support of their minor children. The Arizona Supreme Court as adopted a set of guidelines that govern how child support will be determined. This includes a formula for calculating the amount of support that will be owed by each parent.

What are the rules for divorce in Arizona?

Survive Divorce is reader-supported. Some links may be from our sponsors. Here’s how we make money. Arizona marriage and divorce laws are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.

Is it legal to bifurcate a divorce in Arizona?

In Arizona, family law courts are not allowed to bifurcate divorces. All property, child support and child custody cases must be decided before a divorce can be finalized. This means if you want to remarry or file your taxes as a single person, you must find a way to compromise with your spouse so that your divorce will move forward to completion.

Where can I find my divorce decree in Arizona?

Some divorce decrees, if finalized before the year 1950, are maintained by the Arizona State Archives. The state archives office is not open to the public, but it is possible to call the office or send in a request form to find out if they are holding the sought-after document or documents.