What is a captive audience meeting?

What is a captive audience meeting?

A compulsory meeting of employees arranged by an employer in response to a trade union organizing campaign. The purpose of the meeting is to dissuade workers from joining the union or voting in its favour in a certification or recognition ballot.

Are captive audience meetings illegal?

Although some tactics employers use in antiunion campaigns are unlawful under the National Labor Relations Act, “captive audience meetings” are not. Employers may lawfully hold mandatory captive audience meetings, assembling employees to listen to anti-union speeches, during an organizing campaign.

What is a captive audience speech?

A situation in which an employer gives speeches that discourage workers from joining a union or that are in some way anti-union. These speeches may be given to employees on company time and company property and only if they are not coercive.

When employees are required to attend a meeting to hear a presentation by the employer during a pre election union campaign The meeting is called a an?

Employers may campaign against unionization. Employers may require employees to attend meetings during work hours where management can give its position on unionization. These meetings are called “captive audience” meetings. Employers cannot hold a captive audience meeting during the 24-hour period before an election.

Is blacklisting someone illegal?

The good news is in many cases, blacklists are illegal. The bad news is it isn’t illegal in every state in the US. No matter what, it’s a highly unethical practice that still goes on, even in states where it’s officially illegal to do so. Businesses aren’t always content to just fire someone for whistleblowing.

What is a positive audience?

positive audience (also called a sypathetic audience) an audience that is informed about the speaker’s topic and has a favorable view of the speaker’s position. primacy effect. an audience is more likely to remember and recall what speaker’s present at the beginning of the speech, as opposed to the body of the speech.

What are the captive company?

A captive insurance company is wholly-owned subsidiary of a larger firm that is tasked with writing insurance policies for the parent, and also does not insure any other company. Many larger companies will form a captive insurance company primarily due to the tax advantages that it may confer.

What is the definition of captive audience meeting?

Concept of Captive Audience Meeting in Labor Law. In this context, a definition of Captive Audience Meeting is offered here: A union term for meetings of workers called by management and held on company time and property. Usually the purpose of these meetings is to try to persuade workers to vote against union representation.

Are there any captive audience Bills in Connecticut?

Connecticut lawmakers in the state capitol in Hartford are considering two bills to put the brakes on employers’ “captive audience” meetings. Unions are hoping that a pair of bills under consideration in Connecticut will notch another win in their effort to outlaw captive audience meetings, which they say employers use to prevent labor organizing.

Where did Iron Mountain hold captive audience meeting?

One day last fall, employees of Iron Mountain, a Boston-based records management company, were subjected to what union organizers like to call a captive audience meeting. Employers hold these anti-union meetings once they’ve gotten wind of an organizing campaign in their midst.

Is it legal for a company to hold a union meeting?

And even though unions aren’t given the same platform in the workplace, it’s perfectly legal under U.S labor law for companies to require workers to attend such meetings, so long as their language isn’t overtly coercive, threatening or retaliatory. Companies wouldn’t hold the meetings if they weren’t effective.