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What happens when EEO accepts a formal complaint?

What happens when EEO accepts a formal complaint?

If your EEO Office accepts your complaint, they will send you an Acceptance Letter with: If the claims differ from the claims in the EEO Counselor’s Report or in your formal complaint, the Acceptance Letter will explain why. If your EEO Office dismissed part of your complaint, the Acceptance Letter will also explain why.

When to contact the EEO Office for DLA?

Your EEO Office is the office in the organization where you applied for the DLA job. You must contact an EEO Office within 45 days of the date of the discrimination. We will assign you an EEO counselor, who will: Do a limited inquiry.

When to contact EEO for Alternative Dispute Resolution?

If you do not elect to try Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the EEO counselor will also attempt to resolve the situation informally. EEO counseling will occur during the 30 calendar days after you contact the EEO office, but if more time is needed, the EEO office will ask if you are willing to extend the counseling – up to 60 more days.

How to request a hearing with the EEOC?

To request a hearing, you must: Go to EEOC’s Public Portal. Your EEO office will include contact information for your EEOC office in the acceptance letter. You must send a copy of your request for a hearing to your EEO Office. After the EEOC Administrative Judge gets your request, they will:

Who is an EEO counselor in the United States?

“EEO Counselor” refers to any agency or contracted employee who, serving as a neutral, provides an aggrieved individual with his/her rights and obligations under equal employment opportunity laws, gathers limited data and may attempt an informal resolution where ADR is not offered or accepted, pursuant to 29 C.F.R.§ 1614.

Where can I get information for an EEO?

The EEO Counselor may be able to obtain needed information from official personnel folders, supervisors’ working files, or wherever the personnel action is maintained, such as a promotion folder. By making inquiries, the EEO Counselor will soon learn where such documents are kept and who maintains the records.

How to file a discrimination complaint with the EEO?

Advise the aggrieved individual of his/her right to file a formal discrimination complaint if attempts to resolve the dispute through EEO counseling or EEO ADR are unsuccessful. (Educator) Prepare a report sufficient to document that the EEO Counselor undertook the required counseling actions and to resolve any jurisdictional questions that arise.

What to do after an EEO counseling session?

Conclude the initial EEO counseling session by making sure that the procedural requirements of 29 C.F.R. Part 1614 were followed and that enough information was obtained to attempt resolution. Explain the aggrieved person’s allegations and summarize the reasons or facts s/he gave for believing there has been discrimination.