What happens if an employee has a car accident?

What happens if an employee has a car accident?

An employee who frequently has motor vehicle accidents and drives aggressively will likely end up with expensive tickets, high prices for insurance, and possibly some angry drivers who call the company to complain. Employees who practice safe driving can:

What do you need to know about a car accident?

This report is to be completed if you are in an accident while driving a company vehicle or while driving your personal vehicle on company business. 1. Date Report Prepared 2. Information Supplied By 3. Company Name 4. Company Phone Number 5. Date of Accident 6. Time of Accident 7. Location of Accident (city, state, cross streets, etc.)

What happens if someone else drives your car?

Many workers consider a “free” vehicle a valuable perk. Yet, problems can arise if someone other than the employee drives the vehicle and inadvertently causes an accident. The accident may injure a third party, who then sues the driver for damages.

Can a company employee drive a personal vehicle?

The fact that a company has a policy prohibiting anyone other than employees from driving company-owned vehicles does not guarantee that unauthorized drivers won’t use the vehicles. Twenty minutes later, Melinda is driving home when she rear-ends another vehicle at a stop sign.

When does an employee have a car accident?

First, the injury must occur when the employee is commuting to or from work, and not when the employee is traveling in the interest of the employer. Second, the injury must take place in the company parking lot or company access road (the work establishment). Finally, the injury must result from a motor vehicle accident.

Can a victim of an auto accident sue an employer?

So for example, if an employee drives to the bank for her employer and injures someone in an accident, the victim could sue the employer for damages. Suing an employer is usually more lucrative than suing an employee so victims can use this law to get the most out of a lawsuit.

Who is eligible for worker’s comp after a car accident?

Worker’s Comp. Employees can be eligible for worker’s compensation if they were injured while driving their personal vehicles for work related purposes. Again, if an employee was insured at the time of the accident, the employee’s insurance pays for injuries up to the covered amount.

Is the employer responsible for damage to the employee’s car?

Damage to the employee’s vehicle. The employer’s liability does not include damage to the employee’s vehicle or the cost of the deductible. Whether an employer chooses to assist an employee with these expenses is up to the employer but, generally, an employer can consider any of these expenses as a part of the overall mileage reimbursement.