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What happens if a landlord gives a family member access to a rental unit?

What happens if a landlord gives a family member access to a rental unit?

If the landlord is asked to grant access to the rental unit, to a family member, is there any liability if that family member turns out to not have legal authority but nevertheless cleans out the valuables in the unit (from jewelry to family heirlooms)?

When do spouses have to move out of rental unit?

If a spouse does not wish to be deemed a tenant they need to move out of the rental unit within 30 days of the death. Other ways that this regulation will not apply is where the housing is exempted housing, a care home, or unit to which section 6 of the regulation applies.

What happens to an apartment after a tenant leaves?

Section 91 imposes an obligation to keep the property safe until the tenancy is terminated except that you may dispose of unhygienic or unsafe items. After the termination of the tenancy but with an apartment still full of stuff you look to section 92 RTA which speaks to the issue of disposing of property.

Can a brother be made to leave a house?

JW A As one of the joint owners of the property, the brother who is living in the house has the right to occupy it, as do you and your other brothers. He can’t be made to leave the home without an exclusion order from the courts, which your other brother would have to apply for.

When did my mother leave the property to my brothers?

Q When my mother passed away in 2012, she left her property to me and my three brothers – the deeds have been changed accordingly. One of my brothers has lived in the property for around 25 years.

Can a brother sell his share of a house?

If you each own a distinct share in the property – and so are tenants in common rather than joint tenants – in theory, the brother who wants to sell could try to sell his share without your permission. But unless you and your other brothers would be happy and able to buy him out, it’s unlikely he would find a willing buyer.

What happens to an apartment lease when someone dies?

What happens to an apartment lease when someone dies? A lease agreement extends to the expiration date, even if the tenant dies, so a lot depends on whether the tenant was in a month-to-month or a longer term agreement. Generally, the official written notice of the tenant’s death acts as a 30-day notice and signals the end of the lease.