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What does the phrase please bare with me mean?

What does the phrase please bare with me mean?

The verb bare means “to reveal” or “to uncover.” The correct expression, “bear with me,” means “be patient with me.” The speaker asked the audience to bear with her while she searched for the correct graph. Sorry, until I find the graph you will have to bare with me. Confused about spelling?

Is saying bare with me rude?

“Bare with me” is asking someone to take off their clothing with you. If you were in a nudist colony, or other place of admissible nakedness, it would be socially acceptable to say this. “Bear with me” is asking someone to be patient with you.

What can you say instead of bear with me?

What can I say Instead of Bear With me?

  • (Formal) Please be patient with me.
  • (Formal) Thank you for being patient with me.
  • (Formal) Please wait a moment.
  • (Formal) Thank you for waiting.
  • (Formal) I’ll be right with you.
  • (Informal) Hold on.
  • (Informal) Please stand by.
  • (Informal) Thanks for putting up with me.

What is the difference between bear and bare?

The Difference between Bear and Bare Besides being the name of a big furry animal, bear functions as a verb. It means to tolerate, to carry something, or to endure. The verb bare means to reveal or open something to view.

What does too much to bare mean?

Too much to bear means something one cannot endure because it is excessive. Too much to bare is a common mistake based on the homophones bare and bear.

Where did the saying ” Please bare with me ” come from?

This was posted on the front door of a snack shop in San Diego: “We are taking a brake. Please bare with us.” Back in the 1700’s when the USA was being settled, there were millions of Bears from what is now Florida to Maine and from New Jersey to California. Well, all knew that when confronted by a bear, do not run (if you did, your dead.

Which is correct, bare with me or bear with Me?

Bare or Bear With Me? Commonly seen on the Web is the misspelled phrase “bare with me.”. The correct expression is “ bear with me .”. It means, “be patient with me.”. One of the many meanings of the verb “to bear” is “to tolerate.”. The verb bare, on the other hand, means “to reveal” or “to uncover.”. For example, “Do not bare your navel in

Why is there so much confusion around the phrase ” bare “?

Please bear with me while I explain what happened. The reason there is so much confusion around this phrase is because people sometimes forget about the verb bear. They contrast bare vs. bear and think to themselves, “Surely this phrase isn’t about big, hairy mammals,” so they automatically pick the other word: bare. Here’s why that’s a mistake.

What did Tim Crumpton say about bare with Me?

So please bare with us a little longer. (Home owners’ association site) Most surprising is to find “bare with me” in a news article: He [Councillor Tim Crumpton] said: “I know car parking is causing a problem and I would ask people to bare with us.” (The Worcester News) Beware of bare.