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What does the labor board do?

What does the labor board do?

The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency vested with the power to safeguard employees’ rights to organize and to determine whether to have unions as their bargaining representative.

What to do with a California Labor Board judgment?

Upon award of your judgment, the California Labor Board automatically confers with the civil court system to enter a judgment against the employer. Your attorney will review the judgment and advise you on the best options for collecting from the business. File a lien against the bank account of the business.

How to collect a judgment from the Department of Labor?

Inform the Department of Labor that you want to assign the judgment to it to collect. The Department of Labor will follow the same procedures previously outlined and collect the judgment on your behalf. File a satisfaction of judgment with the court awarding you the judgment, once you collect all compensation owed by the employer.

How can I collect my judgment in California?

You may consult a non-profit Legal Services Provider in your area. You may also hire a lawyer or collection agency to help you collect your judgment. Find a reputable attorney who has experience with debtor-creditor law or commercial debt collection (sometimes called creditor’s rights attorneys).

Can a California judgment be filed in New York?

The judgment is considered a lien against your property, including any real estate that you have, in the state in which the judgment is filed. In other words, a judgment filed in California has no bearing upon property located in New York unless the creditor takes the California judgment to a New York court and has it filed there as well.

How to collect your judgment from the California Labor Commissioner?

ASSIGNING YOUR JUDGMENT TO THE LABOR COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE The Labor Commissioner helps some workers collect their awards. If this option is available to you, you will receive a form called “Assignment of Judgment” to sign in person at any of the Labor Commissioner’s offices or to have notarized. If you agree to assign

What happens when you file a wage claim in California?

California’s labor laws protect all workers, regardless of immigration status. When a wage claim is filed, the Labor Commissioner’s Office investigates the claim to determine if any wages or benefits are owed. In most cases, a settlement conference between the employee and employer is scheduled to resolve the issues.

Is the California Labor Commissioner responsible for wage claims?

In addition, based on California law and court decisions, the Labor Commissioner, in some cases, does not have jurisdiction over the wage claims of union members working under collective bargaining agreements. The Labor Commissioner always has the authority to determine if it has jurisdiction over a wage claim.

How does a judgment lien work in California?

JUDGMENT LIEN: A special legal hold on property—including land, buildings, and valuables like equipment—that makes it more difficult for the judgment debtor to sell the property that could be used to pay a judgment. LEVY:Allows you to have the County Sheriff collect the wages owed to you by taking money or property from the employer.