What does suspension mean in police?

What does suspension mean in police?

not strictly a punishment
“Suspension is not strictly a punishment. It is rather a precaution to ensure an impartial inquiry into the allegations made against the government official concerned. The official is placed under suspension so that he remains in no position to influence the inquiry.

Can a disciplinary action be taken against a police officer?

(b) Disciplinary action may not be taken against the officer or employee unless a copy of the signed complaint is given to the officer or employee.

What is disciplinary suspension in the Department of Finance?

Management and Recruitment Servicesis the Management and Recruitment Services Division of the Department of Finance. Disciplinary Suspensionis the temporary removal without pay of an employee from the place of duty to stress upon the employee the seriousness of the misconduct.

Are there any disciplinary measures for police misconduct?

Instances of police misconduct, then, have not been deterred by existing disciplinary measures. To be sure, over 30 percent of all complaints filed in 2000–2002 were sustained, [14] which should give the impression that the police readily, if not aggressively, police themselves (see table 1).

What are the conditions for a disciplinary action?

To provide affirmative feedback when the employee’s performance or behavior changes to meet expectations. The following conditions must be in place before any disciplinary action can occur: The supervisor should be satisfied that the employee clearly understands the expectations of employment.

What are the different types of disciplinary actions?

Please refer to the definitions section at the end of this document for more information.

What are the bases for Discipline and termination?

The bases for the discipline or termination of an employee are the following: 1 Unsatisfactory job performance or gross inefficiency in job performance; 2 Violation of published College policies or failure to adhere to College procedures; or 3 Unacceptable personal conduct More

What is the procedure for a police discipline matrix?

This procedure begins with a description of the Discipline Matrix. A police discipline matrix aims to achieve consistency in discipline and to eliminate the appearance of disparity. This matrix does not remove discretion; it provides a range of possible sanctions, thus providing clarity. Procedure

When does a college president use a disciplinary demotion?

Disciplinary Demotion – A disciplinary demotion is a non-performance-based disciplinary action. If the President determines that an employee has committed an egregious act in violation of a College policy or procedure, a standard of professional conduct or safety practice, or engaged in other unacceptable behavior that, under normal circumstances]