What does an employee handbook include?

What does an employee handbook include?

An employee handbook should include your business’s policies, your expectations of your employees, and what your employees can expect from your business. It should lay out your legal obligations as an employer and your employees’ rights.

When do you need to read the employee handbook?

Typically, a new employee is required to read the manual in the first few weeks after being hired. A signature is required for proof of understanding. If the employee has any questions about policy during her employment, she can refer to the employee handbook. The employee handbook provides guidance.

Is the employee handbook the final word on policy?

The employee handbook is the best and final word on company policy. As times change and unconsidered issues come up, the employee handbook must be updated. There must be a provision in the employee handbook that allows for update and change. Consider adding a statement that says, “These policies are subject to change.

Where can I download an employee handbook template?

Download this template in a .doc format by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that this template is not a legal document and may not take into account all relevant local or national laws. Please ask your attorney to review your finalized policy documents or Handbook.

How does a sample employee handbook acknowledgement of receipt?

Then, a sample employee handbook acknowledgment of receipt and a sample amendment to the employee handbook are provided. How Does an Employee Handbook Contribute?

What do you need to know about the federal employee handbook?

The handbooks below provide information on various topics pertaining to Federal employee pay, leave, and work schedules. The Handbook on Workplace Flexibilities and Work-Life Programs for Elder Care (PDF file) [893.71 KB] focuses on workplace flexibilities and work-life programs available for an employee to use for elder care purposes.

What should be left out of an employee handbook?

The employee’s rights are sometimes left out of the employee handbook. An employee handbook can also be used to give a new employee a great first impression of the company. The employee handbook can communicate the company culture and positive benefits as well as policies.

Do you need to update your employee handbook?

Handbooks need not include every detail of an employer’s policies or every provision of the laws impacting the workplace. Rather, they should be worded carefully so HR isn’t boxed in. As we work through the early months of 2016, here are the top 10 areas where handbook updates may be needed, starting in the area of collective bargaining.

How to create a template for an employee handbook?

If you need to work only on specific parts of your handbook, click on each of the following sections to download them separately. By tying these sections together, you can build a complete company employee handbook. The full template includes these sections plus an introduction so you can welcome new employees to your company.