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What do you say when accepting a promotion?

What do you say when accepting a promotion?

#1 Thank you for the promotion! I am excited and look forward to adding more value to the team in my new position. #2 Thank you for the promotion. I appreciate that my effort in learning the [new skill] is being recognized.

What are the first things to do when you get promoted?

Here then are the first seven things to do when getting promoted. 1. Get clear expectations. First thing you need to do is really understand your role. What do you expect of yourself, what does the organization expect of you, and what does your new boss expect of you? These expectations form the basis for your success.

What to do if you get a promotion without a raise?

If you’re being offered a promotion without a raise, this is how to negotiate for your own long-term career interests. Your manager has big news for you: You earned a promotion! At first you’re excited about taking on an expanded role with new responsibilities.

Is it stressful to ask for a raise or promotion?

Fact: Asking for a raise or a promotion is stressful and emotional. If you’ve ever done this (and I hope you have!), you know this. So step one is making sure your direct report knows you’ve heard them by acknowledging the request.

Do you know someone is counting on a raise or promotion that simply isn’t happening?

Do you know someone’s counting on a raise or promotion that simply isn’t happening. You can avoid a lot of drama and tension by having this hard conversation before the formal review. I’ll put an emphasis on “hard” because telling someone they’re going to have to wait for what they want will never be fun to discuss.

What should you do when you get a promotion?

As in most things in life, balance is important. You should absolutely be happy with yourself for earning the promotion or the new job. You also need to keep that all in context and at least some of it to yourself. Remember that the person in the next cubicle might have wanted the job you now occupy. Remember that you don’t know it all.

What should you do if your subordinate gets a promotion?

Offer praise, both privately and publicly. Listen to their ideas, and if they’re good, pass them on to your own supervisor. Such mentorship benefits your subordinates, but it benefits you too; the higher-ups won’t likely give you another promotion until they feel confident someone in your department is ready to take your place.

How to prepare for a law enforcement promotion?

This is big picture thinking. Preparation for ranking positions in law enforcement must be diverse and the process must take a multi-prong approach. Promotional preparation takes time. It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon and there are no magic bullets or shortcuts to replace tangible focused effort.

Who is the author of the police promotion Super course?

Andy Borrello is a Lieutenant and 25-year veteran with the San Gabriel Police Department. He is the book author of the Police Promotion Super Course, a POST Master Instructor, and has been teaching career development and presenting police promotion seminars and consultations for the past thirteen years.