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What do you need to know about seismic permit acquisition?

What do you need to know about seismic permit acquisition?

Title research is a necessary procedure to the seismic permit acquisition process. This work confirms the ownership rights of either the surface estate or mineral estate. To obtain an accurate picture of actual surface and mineral ownership, an in depth research effort is required.

Where does a mineral permit need to be obtained?

A mineral permit/lease allows the lessee the right to record and process seismic data acquired from conducting a seismic survey. A mineral permit must be obtained from any entity that has an oil and gas mineral lease or that has unitized oil and/or gas production within the seismic prospect.

Can a seismic operator enter a deeded property?

It is important to note that a seismic operator may enter onto deeded property only after obtaining consent of the owner of the land or a person authorized by the owner to give that consent. No other agency (government or legal) has the authority to grant access for seismic operations.

Can a government agency grant access to a seismic survey?

No other agency (government or legal) has the authority to grant access for seismic operations. Therefore, it is entirely up to the farmer to negotiate the specific terms of the contract to ensure that his/her interests are protected. Chronology of a Seismic Survey

Do you need a permit to do seismic testing?

If you are approached by a seismic testing company asking for permission to do seismic testing on your land, you will normally receive a permit agreement to allow seismic testing on your property. This permit agreement is usually only one page and is usually very sparse as to protections for you, the landowner. Do not sign this permit application.

What does seismic testing mean for oil and gas leases?

If you own the oil and gas rights and have not leased them, the seismic testing data may indicate that a lease of your oil and gas rights may not be fruitful, and you may not get a lease. Whereas, if you have a signed lease, you will receive an up-front bonus.

Who are the companies that do seismic testing?

Seismic Testing is usually done by seismic testing companies. These companies are hired either by the owner of the oil and gas rights or by the lessee of the oil and gas rights, usually an oil and gas company. In addition, seismic testing companies obtain seismic data for themselves so they can sell this information to the oil and gas companies.

When to contact the Colorado State Land Board?

Lessees should contact the Oil and Gas Specialist at minimum three months prior to the anniversary date of the lease if a lease extension is desired that must be approved by the Board. State Land Board leases require a performance bond, which is separate from the bonding required by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).