What do you need to be a Verizon contractor?

What do you need to be a Verizon contractor?

Certify your staff for climbing towers and working on cell phone equipment or handling tower equipment repairs. If your company plans on providing lease renewal services, than you will need a qualified and licensed real estate broker of record.

What kind of job can I get with Verizon?

This includes tower construction, site development, lease optimization, lease renewals and file or site audits.

Do you need a license to negotiate a lease with Verizon?

Any staff members responsible for lease negotiation must work under a licensed broker and have a real estate license issued from the state of California. Register on Verizon’s Supplier Portal website. Vendors must request a log-on to this secure site from Verizon.

How to become a qualified vendor for Verizon?

To become a qualified vendor for Verizon, your firm must present a corporate staff with wireless experience, a professional back office with the appropriate insurance in place, and a certified and licensed staff to handle equipment upgrades, building and zoning permitting, and lease negotiation.

What kind of contracts does Verizon have in California?

California Verizon participates in CA contracts supporting state agencies, local government, and education with Wireline Voice & Data (CALNET 3 and NEXT GEN), Structured Cabling and Wireless services.

What kind of contract does Verizon vitanet have?

The VITAnet contract delivers a wide range of Verizon network-centric solutions, as well as managed services, unified communications and collaboration solutions and CPE. Contact us for more information.

What does Verizon do in New York State?

Verizon has a long history of delivering vital communications, IT and security services to New Jersey state and local government agencies, K-12 schools and public universities. State and local government agencies and education organizations across New York State can benefit from Verizon’s advanced communications solutions.

Is the state of Florida a Verizon customer?

Verizon Wireless offers CT customers plans for Wireless Voice, Wireless Voice & Data Bundled, Wireless Data, Machine-to-Machine/Telemetry and Additional Wireless Services. The state of Florida has selected Verizon as a trusted partner to provide both wireless and wireline services.