What computer company dominated the minicomputer era?

What computer company dominated the minicomputer era?

When IBM minicomputers are considered, commercial use undoubtedly dominated. Interestingly, there is no record of IBM referring to any of its computers as minicomputers. The media and other industry observers had no such reticence.

Which was the first electronic digital computer?

Atanasoff-Berry Computer
The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) was the world’s first electronic digital computer.

Is laptop a mainframe computer?

Mainframe Computers and Minicomputers are the categories of a laptop wherever mainframe computers give rather more options than minicomputer and high capability for memory and process speed. At the beginning, Mainframe Computers were made to produce responsibleness for dealing process and are primarily used as servers.

When was the Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC ) founded?

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), was a major American company in the computer industry. Founded in 1957 with a $70,000 loan, it became “the nation’s second-largest computer company, after IBM.”

When was Digital Equipment Corporation acquired by Compaq?

Its initial major impact was in minicomputers, but its later-introduced VAX and Alpha systems are still notable. DEC was acquired in June 1998 by Compaq, in what was at that time the largest merger in the history of the computer industry.

What kind of computer did Digital Equipment make?

Their success was only surpassed by another DEC product, the late-1970s VAX “supermini” systems that were designed to replace the PDP-11. Although a number of competitors had successfully competed with Digital through the 1970s, the VAX cemented the company’s place as a leading vendor in the computer space.

When did Digital Equipment change to the PDP-11?

Looking to simplify and update their line, DEC replaced most of their smaller machines with the PDP-11 in 1970, the year they became the third largest computer manufacturer after IBM and the UNIVAC Division of Sperry Rand. The rising corporation eventually sold over 600,000 PDP-11s.