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What are the laws and regulations for the workplace?

What are the laws and regulations for the workplace?

Federal Laws and Regulations. One category includes laws such as the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988. These laws are designed explicitly to target workplace substance use. They legally compel certain types of employers to take action against drug use in the workplace, such as by developing a written policy.

What is the Federal employees’compensation Act ( FECA )?

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), 5 U.S.C. 8101 et seq., establishes a comprehensive and exclusive workers’ compensation program which pays compensation for the disability or death of a federal employee resulting from personal injury sustained while in the performance of duty.

When is your employer required to provide health insurance?

1 Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and the ACA. No law directly requires employers to provide health care coverage to their employees. 2 Health Insurance Coverage as a Voluntary Benefit. 3 When an Employer Might Be Required to Provide Health Care Coverage. 4 Employer Health Insurance Continuation Laws. …

What do you need to know about required employee benefits?

The employee must be required to care for the birth, foster care placement, or adoption of a child. The employee must care for an immediate family member suffering from a serious illness or injury. The employee must need care for his or her own serious health condition. The employee must be caring for an injured or sick active military member.

What are federal employment laws?

Federal employment law is the body of laws passed by Congress and signed into law by the President that cover a variety of employment issues throughout the United States, for employers who are covered under the size qualifications of the various laws. Some of the federal employment laws are: • Title VII…

What are the basic employment laws?

Employment law allows foreigners a period of time during which they can legally work in a given country. Employment law protects workers from being placed in an unhealthy or dangerous work environment. Employment law may include protection against discrimination in the workplace based on race.

What are employment laws and regulations?

Employment laws cover the rules and regulations that govern an employer’s relationship with his or her employees. It refers to everything from employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements to statutory laws about wages, worker safety, and protection against discrimination.

What are labor laws for employment?

The goal of labor laws is to equalize the bargaining power between employers and employees. The laws primarily deal with the relationship between employers and unions. Labor laws grant employees the right to unionize and allows employers and employees to engage in certain activities (e.g. strikes, picketing, seeking injunctions,lockouts)…