What are the duties of a promotions assistant?

What are the duties of a promotions assistant?

Liaison for the promotions department and stations assigned during events, remotes, and station appearances. Set up and maintain proper equipment for live broadcasts and remotes. Develop, plan, and carry out creative ways of increasing public awareness of the stations.

When does MACP in hierarchy of promotional grade apply?

In said Scheme, it was provided for grant of two financial upgradations in the promotional hierarchy of the cadre on completion of 12 and 24 years of service respectively, counted from the direct recruitment grade. The said benefits under the ACP shall be applicable w.e.f. 9-8-1999.

Which is in the hierarchy of the promotional grade?

SUB: GRANT OF THE BENEFITS UNDER MACP TO UPPER DIVISION CLERK (UDC) AND OTHER MINISTERIAL STAFF OF SURVEY OF INDIA IN THE HIERARCHY OF THE PROMOTIONAL GRADE – REQUEST FOR. With due respect, I would like to submit the following few lines on the subject for favour of your kind consideration and necessary action:-

What does it mean to congratulate someone on their promotion?

What is a “congratulations on your promotion” message? A message congratulating someone on their promotion by email, card or note shows that you value your coworker. Recognizing them for their achievement shows that you care about investing in a positive professional relationship. Related: The Ultimate Guide to Professionalism

What is the Peter principle of job promotion?

The Peter principle states that a person who is competent at their job will earn promotion to a more senior position which requires different skills. If the promoted person lacks the skills required for their new role, then they will be incompetent at their new level, and so they will not be promoted again.

What’s the difference between a pseudo promotion and a promotion?

However, it is only a pseudo-promotion: a move from one unproductive position to another. This improves staff morale, as other employees believe that they too can be promoted again. Another pseudo-promotion is the “lateral arabesque :” when a person is moved out of the way and given a longer job title.

Can you refuse a promotion to the final level?

The answer is no, if he realises his true situation, and yes if he does not. In chapter 14 various ways of avoiding promotion to the final level are described. Attempting to refuse an offered promotion is ill-advised, and is only practicable if the employee is not married and has no-one else to answer to.