What are Bank of America employee benefits?

What are Bank of America employee benefits?

We offer eligible U.S. employees up to 5% of eligible pay in 401(k) company-matching contributions, plus 2% or 3% in annual contributions (based on years of service). Employee Financial Services offers U.S. employees financial education and special access to financial products, services and expertise.

Does Bank of America have a dress code?

What is the dress code for the Operations positions? Business casual. Can a person with visible tattoos work in the office of Bank Of America ? Dress code is casual.

Can you have tattoos at Bank of America?

Yes a person can work at Bank of America with visible Tattoos.

What can Bank of America employees do at home?

Here, U.S.-based Bank of America employees can access a wide range of benefits and programs to support you and your family when away from a work computer. (PDFs require Adobe Reader) Use the navigation tabs on this page to explore information about Employee Resources at home. In the wrong place? Get information about Retiree Resources at Home

What makes Bank of America a good company?

Our offices hold employee events and have clubs made up of employees who share a common identity or interests so employees can spend time together and support each other. Because at the heart of it all, respect and relationships can turn a good job into a great one.

Is the Bank of America returning to the office?

Bank of America also currently has a policy in which employees alternate remote work with working in the office, a model which the company has followed since. However, that situation may change, as Bank of America plans to fully return to the office when possible.

How does accountability work at Bank of America?

Accountability is integrated in leadership development programs throughout the financial services enterprise. In addition, Bank of America’s annual review of policies is part of maintaining the corporate culture to ensure compliance and proper conduct.