Should you put a deposit down for a puppy?

Should you put a deposit down for a puppy?

Remember until you have paid a deposit, you are under no obligation. * A deposit is the usual way to secure a pup. * Not many breeders will let you visit your pup before you take them home, but it is always worth asking.

Can I get my deposit back for a puppy?

It depends on your terms (reciept/contract) deposits in general are normally non refundable! The deposit is quite steep IMO but that’s irrelevant! Be your word against hers in a small claims court.

What to do before putting a deposit on a puppy?

What should you require before putting a deposit down on a puppy. The best thing you can do is to thoroughly ensure you are working with a responsible, reputable breeder. They should have a kennel name that you can cross-reference with breed club membership, sport participation records, and OFA/health testing records.

How do deposits on puppies work?

In a buyer’s puppy search, a deposit typically means that buyers will pay breeders a $200 to $500 deposit to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter. Deposits should be given by a buyer in good faith, which means the buyer is serious in his or her commitment to purchase a puppy from that breeder.

What happens if I buy a puppy and it dies?

This means you might be able to get a refund or a replacement pet from the shop if your pet gets ill or dies soon after you bought it. If you have to spend money taking your pet to the vet soon after you bought it, you should ask the trader you bought it from to cover the cost of the vet’s fees.

Should you pick the runt of the litter?

So to answer the question, YES it is ok to pick the runt of the litter providing they have passed necessary health check-ups and the breeder has given the necessary care for them after they were born. Any runt can live just as well as any other puppy, providing they are looked after.

When do I get my Puppy deposit back?

Pups come in all the time. And at the time we reserved her – no money changed hands. If it is legitimate then you will get the deposit back. If it’s not legit then you won’t. You’ll have to wait until Monday unfortunately to find out.

What should I look for in a puppy deposit?

Think exercise levels (do you want something active or more sedate?), grooming requirements (short haired dogs tend to shed more, longer/curly haired dogs may shed less but need much more grooming), whether you want to have a go at any activities, what sort of noise level you could put up with, etc.

When to take your puppy to the vet?

All his adult teeth will be in place. During this period of physical development, your dog will mature sexually. By around 5 months of age, a male puppy can produce sperm; by about 6 months, a female is capable of producing her first litter. Talk with your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your puppy as soon as poosible.

When to let your puppy out of the crate?

Teething should slow down around 16 weeks, or four months of age. All adult teeth will be in by six months of age. Keep dangerous “chewables” out of reach (like electrical cords, shoes, and houseplants). You should keep your puppy in the crate when you are not home in order to keep it safe.

When to take a deposit on a puppy?

ETA: I take deposits to hold pups when they are between 3 and 6 weeks of age or so – after they have been temperament tested and I have decided which families on my waiting list they would be a good fit for.

When to put down deposit for English Mastiff puppy?

In early April, I put down a deposit of $400 for a male english mastiff puppy. He was due to be born April 25th. I waited and waited. No puppy.

Can a puppy deposit be refunded if it dies?

My deposits are also non-refundable, however if a freak accident should occur and the pup on hold were to die, I would have no problem refunding the deposit. If the potential puppy buyer changes their mind, I keep the deposit…if its something on my end, they get it back. I’m not unreasonable……

How much does it cost to reserve a puppy?

How much is a deposit? In a buyer’s puppy search, a deposit typically means that buyers will pay breeders a $200 to $500 deposit to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter. This is just an approximation, of course — the actual amount will vary by breeder.