Is your school licensed by the NYS Education Department?

Is your school licensed by the NYS Education Department?

Some Private Career or Proprietary Schools offering medical assisting, nurse assisting, cosmetology, computer, auto mechanic, English as a Second Language, and other training May No t be licensed by the New York State Education Department and May Not provide a quality education. Don’t be short changed!

How do I get my NYC building license?

Once deemed qualified, you must send an email to [email protected] to obtain an appointment to receive your license card. Your email must include a PDF scan of your approval letter. You should receive a reply within 15 business days.

Who are the licensing services division of the Department of State?

Licensing Services Division of Licensing Services oversees the licensure, registration, and regulation of 38 occupations throughout the state.

What are the different types of NY drivers license?

DMV now issues three different document types. Learn more about Enhanced, REAL ID and Standard documents . Refer to the table below for general New York State Driver License class descriptions. Most single unit vehicles and vehicle combinations up to legal weight limits depending on endorsements and restrictions.

Where is the NYC Department of licensing located?

Contact the Licensing Unit at: NYC Department of Buildings. Licensing & Exams Unit. 280 Broadway, 1st Floor. New York, NY 10007. Hotline Number: (212) 393-2259.

How to renew a license in New York City?

License Renewal Applications Service Notice – applications to renew a license/registration are required to be submitted online at See the Licensing Renewal Application User Guide for step-by-step directions. Operations Update – initial and change request applications can be mailed or dropped off to the Licensing Unit.

Where can I get a DCA license in NYC?

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. DCA’s Licensing Center accepts license and permit applications on behalf of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). DOHMH issues many types of licenses and permits under the NYC Health Code. Visit DOHMH’s License, Permit and Course Information web page New York State Department of State.

Where can I get a business license in New York?

New York State Department of State. The New York State Department of State’s Division of Licensing Services plays an important role for consumers, occupational licensees, applicants, and the business community in New York State.