Is there a company that installs Christmas lights?

Is there a company that installs Christmas lights?

Many of our Christmas light installers also offer wedding light installation services, as well as Halloween decorating and outdoor event lighting. We have “an eye” for decorating and would love to make the surrounding atmosphere look sparkling and beautiful on your special night.

Where to get a free holiday light installation?

There is no better way to elevate your special event or bring joy this holiday season than to have the experts at The Christmas Light Guy Co. install an exquisite and professionally designed lighting display! For a free estimate contact us today!

How long has brothers holiday lighting been around?

Specializing in the world of Christmas light and decor installation for the past 18 years, Brothers Holiday Lighting is capable of turning your vision for a festive holiday display into a reality. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to make your holidays brighter.

How long does it take to install Christmas lights?

We provide all of the lights and installation accessories, professionally install the lights (making every effort to hide cords), remove the lights at the end of the season and come out to service the lights (in the rare case it’s needed). With over 23 years of experience we can handle any size commercial or residential job.

How long has simply lit been installing Christmas lights?

Designs range from a simple roof outline to extravagant displays with thousands of lights on trees, shrubs, and rooftops. Our key installers have been lighting up homes since 2005; we can safely say that we have the most experienced Christmas light installation crews in Atlanta.

Is it worth hiring a Christmas light installer?

Hiring a pro for your Christmas lighting installation can be expensive, but provides significant benefits: A plan on how to maximize the effect of the lighting. Safe wiring that accounts for snow and water exposure. To get these benefits, you have to find the right expert. Find a Christmas light installer near you, and learn about their pricing.

How much does it cost to rent Christmas lights?

Renting Christmas lights costs more than installation alone, but less than purchasing the lighting set. That makes sense if you want to try out professional installation once. Beyond that, it can get expensive because you must pay for the lights every year.

When is the best time to install holiday lights?

Some installation experts are available year-round. They get busiest in October and November, when most homeowners are looking forward to Christmas. Business starts to slow down in December, before January gets busy with takedown work. Between February and September, you might get lower rates. How Many Holiday Lights Do I Need for My House?