Is the office closed for the Christmas holiday?

Is the office closed for the Christmas holiday?

I am writing this letter to inform you that the company will remain closed for 10 days due to Christmas. The holiday will begin from 20 th of this month and will last until 30 th December 2017. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that caused due to holiday closure.

What are the new rules for pubs and restaurants?

For the rest of the nation tier two or tier three rules will be in place for at least two weeks, which will mean pubs and restaurants cannot operate ‘normally’. Under Tier 3 restrictions, pubs and restaurants will only be allowed to serve takeaways and in Tier 2, “pubs and bars must close, unless operating as restaurants”, the government said.

When is sunny’s dining room going to be reopened?

Sunny’s reopened its dining room June 16. Capacity has been cut in half, employees wear masks and sanitizing efforts are done “constantly.” Reservations can be made by calling to order and paying in advance. Curbside pickup is available. The first beer is on the house for medical workers.

When do pubs have to close in Scotland?

In Scotland, non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants in high risk areas – known as Tier 4 – remain shut until December 11. In Level 3 areas, hospitality businesses are banned from selling alcohol and must close by 6pm.

When to announce an office or store closing to employees?

The general business decline in that area makes it impossible to justify keeping the office open. We are aware of the impact this closing will have on employees in that office. Be assured that we will make every effort to find you comparable employment within the Doe organization.

How is a restaurant closing checklist sets you up for success?

Many restaurants divide up the closing duties into three: a front of house checklist (done by a floor manager or senior server), a back of house checklist (done by a chef or sous chef), and a manager checklist (done by the general manager).

How to do closing duties for a restaurant?

The house lights are off, the in-house music has been switched from non-threatening electronic noise to blaringly loud throwback gangster rap, and the entire staff is breathing a huge sigh of relief. There were no major screw-ups, the kitchen kept up, there were no major blunders by the front-of-house staff, and the till is full.

How to create a closing duties checklist?

Here’s a sample manager closing checklist in PDF to help get you started with organizing your closing duties sheets. Of course, not every task will apply to every establishment, so feel free to add or subtract to the lists below to suit your particular business.