Is the name of my ex husband still on the deed?

Is the name of my ex husband still on the deed?

In the last month I have had my ex husbands name taken off the deeds of my house, but his name is still on the mortgage as I don’t qualify for it on my own.

How did my ex spouse refinance my house?

When our assets were split in our divorce 7 years ago, the house was awarded to my ex. I signed a quit claim and received a buyout. She was ordered to refinance the home immediately and remove my name from the mortgage.

Can a ex-spouse still own a house after a divorce?

No. Once the divorce is final and the home has been transferred to you by quitclaim deed, your ex-spouse is no longer an owner and has no right to enter the property other than by your invitation and consent.

When does an ex spouse want to be removed from a mortgage?

When an ex-spouse is removed from the title to the property, he or she will usually also want to be removed from the loan. This protects the ex-spouse (and his or her credit) from responsibility if the former spouse does not make payments on time or if the mortgage is foreclosed.

How can I get my ex husband to pay my support?

A QDRO can help with recovering delinquent support payments. Support arrearages can be ordered to be paid through the non-paying ex’s retirement plan. But, meticulous review by a qualified attorney is essential before drafting a QDRO for recovering past-due support payments.

What happens when my ex-spouse does not pay the debts?

If the parties prefer, the judge can split the debt as evenly as possible, despite whose name it is in. So, playing off the example above, the judge may assign the home improvement debt to the wife and the therapy and tuition debts to the husband. However, this is not recommended, the reasons for which we will explain more in depth below.

Is it legal to remove an ex spouse from a mortgage?

The only legal way to take over the loan is to get your ex-spouse’s name off the mortgage. There are four ways to remove an ex-spouse from a mortgage. Some are fairly easy and simple. Others require more work and hassle. Unfortunately, the solutions involving more work and hassle are often the best ones. 1. Refinance the loan in your name only

Why did my husband quit claiming my House?

Nancy’s Question: My husband quit claimed the house to me in order to get it mortgaged since he was not employed at the time. I have always been the main provider for the family, but am worried that in the divorce settlement he will be able to sue for half of the equity in my house.