Is the government expecting schools to furlough staff?

Is the government expecting schools to furlough staff?

The document adds that the government “do not, in general, expect [state] schools to furlough staff”. However they “understand that, in some instances, schools may have a separate private income stream (for example, catering, sports facilities lettings, or boarding provision funded by parents in state boarding schools).

Who are professional employees that can be furloughed?

The order of furloughs set forth in section 1125.1 will apply to any administrative staff person who, by job function, is also considered a “professional employee,” such as a school principal.

Who is not subject to order of furlough?

However, administrative staff who are not also considered professional employees are not subject to the order of furloughs under section 1125.1, and the school entity should review other laws or agreements or contracts that could impact upon the furlough of these employees.

Can you put employees on furlough to use the SSP?

Subject to eligibility this includes those self-isolating or clinically extremely vulnerable because of coronavirus. It is up to employers to decide if they will move these employees onto SSP or to keep them on furlough, at their furloughed rate.

Are there any schools that have furloughed teachers?

We understand few schools have furloughed large numbers of teachers to date as the majority are required for the delivery of the online curriculum. There may be a requirement for furloughed teachers and other staff to be brought back in to school as part of the wider opening in June and beyond.

Can a school furlough staff during the summer holidays?

The question we are frequently asked at the moment is whether, now that the Scheme has been extended to the end of October, a school can furlough staff, including teachers, over the summer holidays, whether at 80% of salary (subject to the current cap) or with a top-up to 100%.

When is an employer eligible for a furlough?

Although the guidance for employees refers to furlough as applying when the employer is unable to operate or has no work for the employee to do, the guidance for employers says that all employers are eligible to claim under the Scheme and that the government recognises that different businesses face different impacts from coronavirus.

What happens when an employee is furloughed by the government?

The Treasury Direction is clear that while an employee is furloughed, the employee must be instructed by the employer to cease all work in relation to their employment and that instruction is given by reason of circumstances arising as a result of coronavirus.