Is the city of Topeka open to the public?

Is the city of Topeka open to the public?

The City of Topeka works hard to keep all data open to the public. This allows you to see how money is spent, where the money comes from, and what projects the city is currently engaged in. Take some time and look through our data collections.

Is the Topeka Zoo open to the public?

The City of Topeka will be closing all buildings to the public effective immediately, including the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center, due to the Emergency Public Health Order issued on March 18th by the Shawnee County Health Department. The City is still open for business but asks that the public conduct such business by telephone or email.

How to pay for parking in Topeka Kansas?

The City of Topeka, Kansas has introduced a new way to pay for parking with the Passport Parking mobile app. The app, which will be the first mobile pay solution for City of Topeka Downtown parking, will offer drivers a contactless option for paying for and managing parking and can be used at over 1,200 … Read more… View all press releases .

Where is the fire station in Topeka KS?

The City of Topeka was notified by the US National Parks Service on Friday, October 4, 2019, that the City’s nomination of Fire Station No. 4, located at 813 SW Clay St. in the City’s Old Town Neighborhood to the National Register of Historic Places had been officially approved.

Where is the unemployment office in Topeka KS?

Kansas Unemployment Contact Center P.O. Box 3539 Topeka, KS 66601-3539 Fax 785-296-3249

How to apply for a job in Topeka KS?

Please review the Insurability Guidelines before applying. A City of Topeka Electronic Application for Employment is required. You may submit a resume with the employment application, but a resume alone will not be considered for employment. An application must be submitted for each position for which you are applying.

What does the Workforce Center in Topeka do?

The Topeka Workforce Center is a partnership of organizations, people and resources. We employ a professional and collaborative staff who work together to serve business and career seeker needs in the Topeka and surrounding communities. We are committed to providing workforce solutions which promote economic growth.

How many people are employed by the KDOC in Kansas?

KDOC Employment. The KDOC employs more than 3,000 Kansans at eight correctional facilities, including four satellite institutions, 20 parole offices and the KDOC’s Central Office in Topeka.