Is it OK to advertise on a bus?

Is it OK to advertise on a bus?

Bus advertising is a great option to consider when thinking through your outdoor advertising strategy because it allows you to easily reach a large target audience. Functioning much like a mobile billboard, placing your advertising on or inside a bus puts your brand on the move.

What was the first brand to advertise on a bus?

The first commercial advertisement to utilize this strategy is thought to be Pepsi Co. who wrapped a bus in 1993 to promote Crystal Pepsi. This option makes a big statement and is sure to get your brand noticed. It’s important to mention that how to advertise on a bus doesn’t necessarily mean only advertising on a bus.

Where are the ads on the back of the bus?

Rear: These are the ads found on the back of the bus, visible to anyone walking on the street or driving behind the bus. Ads in this area mostly reach drivers either intersecting or going along the same route as the bus.

How to get bus advertising and bus stop advertising?

Get bus advertising and bus stop advertising in over 200 cities with a single bus advertising company. For organizations interested in city bus advertising or bus stop advertising, municipal public bus advertising rental space, by a local and national bus advertising agency, is an excellent idea.

Where is the best place to post a bus ad?

Posting bus ad displays on the outside and inside of city bus lines — or on bus shelter advertising displays — produces high impressions at a low CPM. Similarly, double decker bus advertising (i.e., hop on/hop off bus ads or sightseeing tour bus ads) is a great way to increase exposure of an ad campaign.

Is there a bus magazine in the UK?

BUSES is a monthly publication on the bus and coach industry in the UK and the rest of the world. There is no other bus-based magazine with a longer history or higher readership, it is the ultimate read for anyone who is serious about the hobby and the industry as a whole.

Which is the best magazine for bus preservation?

Bus & Coach Preservation is a lively monthly magazine giving the best possible all-round coverage of all that’s happening with old buses today. Featuring all the latest news and views of vehicle restoration, old buses and coaches that need to be saved for posterity, news of museums,…