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Is it illegal to post employee pictures on company website?

Is it illegal to post employee pictures on company website?

For example, see California Civil Code Section 3344 and Revised Code of Washington 63.60.010. Even if an employee does not work in a state with one of these laws, an employee may have other concerns about appearing on the employer’s website, Facebook feed, and other marketing materials whether on-line or hardcopy.

Can a former employee solicit an ex employee?

Note, however, that once the employment was terminated, the ex employee is free to solicit former coworkers and their particular skill sets and talents have been held not to constitute a trade secret of the employer which can be protected. Metro Traffic Control, Inc. v Shadow Traffic Network (1994) 22 CA4th 853.

Can a former employee use trade secrets against a new employer?

Implicit in the above is that the employee, if hired, may compete but may not utilize trade secrets or confidential information obtained from the previous employer and if the new employer gains access to that information via the employee, both may be liable. See Bancroft Witney Co. v Glen (1966) 64 C2d 327.

Is it illegal to solicit employees away from a business?

The courts have held, however, that such contract prohibitions cannot stop a competitor from engaging in such action nor would passively taking job applications from former coworkers who were not solicited be considered violating that contract. (Loral, supra.)

Can You claim a Facebook page setup by a former employee?

If you can not contact the previous Admin, or if the Page no longer has an admin, you will not be able to regain access to the Page. As ou will see in future posts, you can petiton Facebook for Trademark infringement, but prepare to be patient. It rarely works the first time. Or the second. Or the thrid…

Can a employer claim rights to computer games made at home?

Likewise, an employer cannot claim rights to an employee’s creation of a computer software game built at home where the employee’s work role bears no relationship to game creation, even where the employee took notes during work hours related to his game ideas or tested those ideas on employer-owned computers.

How to create a great legal department website?

1. Instructions on how to contact/utilize the Legal Department . The first thing to ensure on your website is that it prominently discusses “how” to contact the Legal Department if someone needs help. Most requests for legal services will come to Legal via email, phone calls, “drop by’s,” etc.

Can a former employee set up a social media account?

Best practices. Thrive believes that you should setup a single email address for all Social Media accounts. Like [email protected]. This way you can control the account by simply changing the password anytime you have employee turnover. The Account was Setup by an employee no longer with the company using a personal email address.