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Is it easy to live in Poland as an American?

Is it easy to live in Poland as an American?

As an American who has spent a good part of his life in Poland (I am a Polish citizen also) I have a unique perceptive on life in Poland. I can see this better than a native Pole in some ways as I have something to compare it with.The bottom line here is life in American is easy but life in Poland is beautiful.

What is life like in Poland if you are not married?

But generally Polish dating is all about marriage and having a family. If you are not married it is a great place to find a spouse. Ask me if you have questions. It is the same as all over the world, except things move at a slower pace. People are more relaxed and easy-going.

How many people live in Poland per year?

In return it would be a rich country for all. Demographically Poland is going from 40 million to 35 million very soon. People have few kids and many leave for the USA, UK and now Germany as the EU is one market.

Is it easy to make money in Poland?

Well Poland is a modern EU country that left communism a quarter of a century ago. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you can make as much money as you want in Poland. Working at job is harder you need to have concrete skills.

What’s the difference between life in Poland and the USA?

Life in Poland Vs. life in the USA. Poland and The USA are two different worlds entirely. The USA is sunny and positive and casual. Poland is cold, dark and romantic. There is an ancient feel in Poland, something almost mystical.

Is it a good idea to live in Poland?

Living in Poland can be a great adventure but it also has its challenges for both foreigners and locals. Choosing to live in Poland, especially if you don’t have Polish roots or connections and know little about the country, will likely involve a steep learning curve.

Is there an English speaking real estate agent in Poland?

Expats can generally find an English-speaking real estate agent to help in their search, though this might be slightly more expensive. People in Poland generally live in apartments, and expats may be surprised how small apartments can accommodate whole families. Consequently, many places are a lot smaller than one may be used to.

What are the pros and cons of moving to Poland?

Petrol is also expensive which, along with parking fees and other related costs, should make expats think twice before purchasing a vehicle. In Polish cities, there’s a range of cultural events including art exhibitions, concerts, talks, food events and film and music festivals. Museums and galleries are also plentiful.