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Is being a government contractor a good job?

Is being a government contractor a good job?

If you or your business can meet the government’s requirements, you could end up with a healthy revenue stream. Still, others have more government work than they can handle and long for something else. While government contracting can be an excellent way to start or sustain a business, it’s not without its downsides.

Can you get a job as a government contractor?

Government jobs can be as elusive as they are rewarding, especially in times of heightened security. From access to new employment opportunities in this restricted community, to navigating the security clearance process, to securing benefits as a government contractor—you deserve an advocate who understands the federal domain.

What does it mean to be a federal contractor?

A federal contractor is any worker or organization that enters into a contract to provide labor, services, products, or materials to a government department or agency. Federal contractors can be individuals or companies. Federal contractors are required to follow several federal hiring and labor laws to qualify for and maintain federal contracts.

Are there any jobs in the federal government?

Kelly is a strategic business partner to the federal government, including prime and set-aside contractors. We can provide you with flexible government employment and career opportunities at top federal agencies nationwide that you may never find through your own job search—across a wide range of professions, including:

What are the challenges of being a government contractor?

Instability and uncertainty are two of the most challenging parts of being a government contractor. Even when private companies lay off employees, there is generally sufficient time to find another job, severance packages, and job placement assistance involved.

What are the requirements for a government contractor?

Government contractors are required to have comprehensive written timekeeping policies that demonstrate the company’s practices and compliance with the federal government requirements. The company must have written policies relating to the preparation of time sheets and document how employees are trained on their use.

What are federal contractor jobs?

Federal Contractors perform a specific job for a United States department or agency or supply labor and materials. Essential responsibilities highlighted on a Federal Contractor example resume are implementing affirmative action plans and EEO strategies, looking for government orders and fulfilling them,…

Do government contractors get benefits?

Contractors’ salaries are usually augmented with an attractive benefits package, including paid time off, affordable health insurance and retirement benefits. It is not a guarantee that highly skilled employees will earn more working for government contractors, according to, but salary offers are negotiable.

What are federal government contractors?

The term ‘federal contractor’ refers to a person or company that has a prime contract with a contracting agency that is a “department, agency, establishment, or instrumentality in the executive branch of the Government, including any wholly owned Government corporation.” You can learn more about the definition of a federal contractor here.