Is an I-9 form required?

Is an I-9 form required?

You are required to complete and retain a Form I-9 for every employee you hire for employment in the United States, except for: Independent contractors or individuals providing labor to you if they are employed by a contractor providing contract services (for example, employee leasing or temporary agencies).

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Do you have to keep a copy of the Form I-9?

Copies or electronic images of documents must be retrievable consistent with DHS’s standards on electronic retention, documentation, security, and electronic signatures for employers and employees, as specified in 8 CFR 274a.2 (b) (3).

Do you need to check your ID for covid-19?

Employers with employees taking physical proximity precautions due to COVID-19 will not be required to review the employee’s identity and employment authorization documents in the employee’s physical presence.

How long does it take to get ice I-9 records?

These records may include an employee roster with specific information about each employee, monthly payroll reports, tax statements, business licenses, or other records. At this point you have up to three business days, 72 hours, to pull together the requested records.

When do you get a notice of suspect documents from ice?

Notice of Suspect Documents. If ICE determines that you are employing a person who is unauthorized to work, you will receive a Notice of Suspect Documents. The notice advises of possible criminal and civil penalties for continuing to employ that individual.

What do you need to know about ice I-9 inspection?

The NOI spells out exactly which I-9s you need to produce for the inspection. It will typically ask for I-9s for all current employees as well as those terminated in the previous three years, for one or more work locations. The NOI also informs you of your contact at ICE for the investigation.

What happens after I-9 is turned over to ice?

After you turn your I-9s and other documents over to ICE, you then wait for a period of weeks or months. During this time ICE is reviewing your I-9s for completeness and accuracy, and verifying the employee documentation. During this period you can expect to receive one or more of these next notices from ICE.