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How to use once again in a sentence?

How to use once again in a sentence?

Examples of ‘once again once more’ in a sentence once again once more

  1. The country voted Leave and he once again goes against the nation.
  2. Porsche has once again gone for discreet styling changes.
  3. She can think and talk once again!
  4. But the lure of his old club has once again brought him back into the game.

What does the saying once again mean?

1. One more time; again. He went over the plan once again, stressing the importance of getting the details exactly right. 2. A phrase used when something is being repeated.

Is once again grammatically correct?

If something happens once again or once more, it happens again. Amy picked up the hairbrush and smoothed her hair once more.

How do you use once in a sentence?

We use once as an adverb to mean ‘one single time’:

  1. I’ve only met Jane’s husband once. (
  2. They go for dinner together once a month. (
  3. I see him once every two or three weeks.
  4. My father once worked on an oilrig.
  5. The Millers once owned a dairy farm.
  6. She was once a schoolteacher but she hated it.

What is another word for once again?

What is another word for once again?

over again
anew afresh
de novo again from scratch
again from the beginning once more
another time over again

How do you say once again formally?


  1. again.
  2. anew.
  3. de novo.
  4. lately.
  5. newly.
  6. of late.
  7. once again.
  8. once more.

What’s the difference between once more and once again?

Feel free to just provide example sentences. Once more is saying do it one more time. Once again is similar but the emphasis is that you are really needing to do it AGAIN which means there is probably emphasis that it wasn’t good the first time.

What can I say instead of once again?


  • again.
  • anew.
  • de novo.
  • lately.
  • newly.
  • of late.
  • once again.
  • once more.

What’s the difference between ones and once?

“Once” always has to do with time and answers the questions, “how many times?” or “when?” For instance: “I only played handball once.” “Once I got my boot off, I saw my sock had a hole in it.” In contrast, “ones” have to do with things. In your tool collection, the ones you should keep handy are the ones you use most.

Is it correct to say ones?

When “one’s” is a contraction of “one is” it also requires an apostrophe: “no one’s listening,” “this one’s for you.” The only times “ones” has no apostrophe are when it is being used to mean “examples” or “people” as in “ripe ones” or “loved ones,” or in the informal arithmetical expression “the ones column.”