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How to respond to a question from a lawyer?

How to respond to a question from a lawyer?

Remember when responding, that there may be strict time limits involved so stick to them and know the difference between a time limit imposed by a lawyer (which might have no effect on you at all) and those set by law. The ones set by law should be strictly adhered to. Step two: Don’t’ give away too much and respond with questions of your own.

What happens when a case is delegated to a new attorney?

If your case is a smaller one, it might be delegated to a newer attorney in the firm. It’s possible that person doesn’t have a strong grasp of the particular area of law that’s relevant. The other thing that could happen is that as a case progresses, it could begin to involve areas of law outside your lawyer’s expertise.

Can a lawyer write a follow up letter?

Often times a lawyer may write a follow-up letter to remind the client’s spouse of the importance of responding, but very rarely would a lawyer waste his or her client’s money on writing more than two letters or reminders.

How to forward an email to other attorneys?

You forward the email to the other attorneys in your firm who are involved with the case. Soon the “reply all” button is being liberally used, and no one notices that opposing counsel is getting copied on the internal discussion at your firm. It happens. When you hit “reply all,” check each email address in the recipient list before pressing Send.

Where can I ask a lawyer a question?

Justia Ask a Lawyer is a forum where people can get answers to their basic legal questions on a variety of topics. Consumers post questions, and attorneys answer.

Can a lawyer with a Justia account answer questions?

Only attorneys with a Justia account can answer questions. As part of the registration process for attorneys, Justia reviews a lawyer’s credentials to ensure that at the time of registration, he or she is licensed to practice law.

How many points does a lawyer earn for answering a question?

The base points are: The first lawyer to answer a question earns 50 points. The second lawyer to answer the same question earns 30 points. Additional lawyers who answer the question earn 20 points.

When does SSDI back pay go directly to my attorney?

Back due benefits, except for any fee due attorneys, goes directly to the client. This can be as short as 10 to 14 days; normal is 30 to 60 days. If there are other issues (like workers’ compensation offset, or SSDI and SSI offset) then it can take longer than 60 days.

Can a lawyer refuse to answer questions at a deposition?

Your attorney should always be present during any type of legal questioning and they should have prepared you for the deposition proceedings and what questions may be asked of you and what should and should not be answered. These questions usually fall in three categories:

What’s the best way to refuse to answer a question?

Watch Your Tone. You can also refuse to answer the question, but be sure to be polite. “Say, ‘I appreciate that this is of interest but we don’t feel sharing the information is appropriate, especially at this time. But I’d be glad to answer other questions if you have them,’” says Sullivan.

Why is my attorney not answering my calls?

It’s impossible to memorize or keep a personal list of everyone’s number. A concise message and a call-back number gets your call answered before your lawyer gets into the office and is bombarded by everyone else. There’s a perception that the number of messages somehow relates to the speed of the response.

Why does my lawyer refuse to answer my questions?

Here are the top reasons for silence: You don’t have any deadlines coming up and there is nothing to report. Personal injury cases have deadlines that must be met, but they can take place months apart. In that in-between time, your lawyer is waiting until he absolutely has to answer interrogatories or handle that request for documents.

What happens if I refuse to answer a question at a deposition?

“If a deponent refuses to answer a question at a deposition, and the answer is not protected by a privilege or otherwise as set forth in the state’s rules, the deposing attorney may file a motion with the court to compel a response. They may even obtain monetary sanctions against the deponent for a refusal to answer (source).”

What should a witness say if they can’t answer a question?

A witness who isn’t able to answer a question should communicate that. For example, a witness who doesn’t have personal knowledge should say, “I don’t know” rather than guess at an answer.

How to get free answers from a lawyer?

Ask a Lawyer. Ask a Lawyer allows you to get free answers from lawyers in your area for basic legal questions on a variety of topics, including family law, employment law, criminal law, and more.

Can a lawyer ask leading questions of a witness?

The lawyer would thus be permitted to ask leading questions of the witness forcing them to respond in a yes or no answer. Treating your own witness as a hostile witness will have a negative affect on the Jury and on the Witness’ credibility.

How long should you wait for your lawyer to respond to an email?

2 weeks is a while. Most lawyers try to respond much more quickly. I would say that you should follow up with an email and or a phone call, sometimes phone calls are better. I am licensed in Pennsylvania.

What should I ask a law firm interviewer?

Describe any legal papers you’ve written. An interviewer may ask these questions to get to know how you build a relationship with clients and navigate court issues. These questions also give you a chance to explain your processes and display the parts of your personality that make you the right candidate for the role.

What should I answer in a law firm interview?

This question allows you to talk about what attracted you to the legal field. Your answer to this question can position you as the best person for the role and can provide the hiring partner with a glimpse of the knowledge and experience you can bring to the job.

How often should I expect a response from my attorney?

There are a lot of concerns as you go through this process and with every one of those issues that you think of with every question with every concern you want to get an answer from your lawyer. For many people, that means shooting off an e-mail every hour every half-hour sometimes more often than that.

What should I say in response to a case law question?

Your ability to articulate your response is often more important than coming up with the right answer or being an expert on the relevant case law. Be ready to address weak areas of your resume, such as gaps between jobs or schooling, sudden changes in career direction or poor grades.