How should I pay my truck drivers?

How should I pay my truck drivers?

Company drivers are paid on a cents per mile basis.

  1. Average truck driver pay per mile is between 28 and 40 cents per mile.
  2. Most drivers complete between 2,000 and 3,000 miles per week.
  3. That translates into average weekly pay ranging from $560 to $1,200.

How do I pay my Truck Driver in California?

Getting paid as a Truck Driver by route type

  1. OTR Driver. $0.39 – $0.55. per mile. Up to 3,000 miles per week. 5.1% of the OTR drivers get weekly home-time.
  2. Regional Driver. $0.37 – $0.55. per mile. Up to 2,750 miles per week.
  3. Local Driver. $0.43 – $0.66. per mile. Up to 2,500 miles per week.

How much is a Truck Driver paid in Kenya?

How much money does a Truck Driver make in Kenya? A person working as a Truck Driver in Kenya typically earns around 46,700 KES per month. Salaries range from 22,900 KES (lowest) to 72,900 KES (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is the highest paid driving job?

Here are nine of the highest-paying jobs in trucking you may consider.

  • Ice road trucking.
  • Hazmat hauling.
  • Tanker hauling.
  • Oversized load hauling.
  • Luxury car hauling.
  • Team driving.
  • Owner-operator jobs.
  • Private fleets.

How much does a government driver earn in Kenya?

A person working in Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers in Kenya typically earns around 57,300 KES per month. Salaries range from 39,300 KES (lowest average) to 179,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

When do you get paid as a truck driver?

Often will depend on minimum length of service, miles driven, safety record, etc. Some companies will pay an extra per-load amount to drivers hauling cargo that must be tarped first. The carrier will pay a driver if he is delayed due to a truck breakdown, ensuring that a driver gets paid while stranded.

How does a truck driver get paid per diem?

Per Diem pay for truck drivers is an interesting style of pay in which the “per diem” amount (generally a specific percentage or dollar amount) is paid to the driver tax-free, putting more money in his/her pocket every week. Read more about Per Diem Truck Driver Pay.

How does team driving affect a truck driver’s salary?

In a team driving situation, two truck drivers make runs together. Owner operators generally earn a higher gross salary but take home pay is reduced by expenses. Was the years of experience information useful?

How much does an owner operator truck driver make?

Now, that number will vary greatly depending on location, experience level and the company that a trucker works for. Some only earn $30,000 (especially if they’re new drivers), while others earn more than $90,000 per year. Even on the lower end, company OTR drivers earn a decent salary. But can you earn more as an owner-operator?

Why do you get paid more as a truck driver?

The average driver pay is also based on experience and reputation. A reputable truck driver is often going to get paid a higher rate because he or she is in high demand. Until a driver builds a reputation as a professional and reliable truck driver they will have to be satisfied with a lower pay rate.

Do you have to pay truck drivers for sleeping?

Court Ruling Could Require Driver Pay for Hours Spent Sleeping. Trucking companies could owe employee truck drivers pay for every hour spent on the job. Trucking companies could owe employee truck drivers pay for every hour spent on the job, including sleeping breaks required by law, under a new court ruling.

Can a company withhold money from a truck driver?

Owner Operators. Often, truck drivers will use a truck that belongs to a distribution company. This can reduce the amount of money that a driver earns as the company will often withhold a portion of what they are being paid by the client to cover the cost of the maintenance of the truck.

How much overtime do you get as a truck driver?

Overtime Pay for Truck Drivers. Professional truck drivers are no strangers to 70 hour workweeks. It is a part of the job that is accepted by all truckers and eventually, one becomes accustomed to receiving only 3-5 hours of actual sleep per day.