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How often do you have to work in Poland?

How often do you have to work in Poland?

Work–life balance related problems are relatively more frequent in Poland than on average in the EU. For instance, in 2016, 63% of respondents in Poland were too tired from work to do household jobs at least several times a month, compared with 59% for the EU28.

What is the least common work-life balance problem in Poland?

The least common work–life balance problem was having difficulties to concentrate at work because of family responsibilities, reported by 28% of respondents in Poland in 2016, but still higher than the EU28 average of 19%.

What’s the average quality of life in Poland?

According to Eurofound’s European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS), both life satisfaction and happiness have increased in Poland during the years of observation. Average life satisfaction increased from 6.2 in 2003 to 7.2 in 2016, being slightly higher than the EU28 average of 7.1 (on a scale of 1–10).

When did Law and Justice come to power in Poland?

Since Law and Justice came to power in Poland in 2015, it has waged a campaign to take control of the Polish judiciary in open defiance of the law, the constitution, and the courts.

How many sick leave cases are there in Poland?

The official data available at the time of completion of the questionnaire are from 2007. Within the ZUS system, there were 16,395,000 sick leave cases, which altogether accounted for a total 187,408,000 days. The number of persons who were granted sick leave at least once during that year amounted to 5,661,600 persons.

How many days off can you take in Poland?

Leave at request (Urlop na żądanie) The Polish Labour Code allows for taking up to 4 days of “leave at request” (urlop na żądanie) a year, within the annual leave limits. It means that an employee has the right to request a day off without prior notice (the employer should be notified on the same day at the latest).

What was the suicide rate in Poland in 2016?

Suicide mortality rate is the number of suicide deaths in a year per 100,000 population. Crude suicide rate (not age-adjusted). Poland suicide rate for 2016 was 16.20, a 2.53% increase from 2015. Poland suicide rate for 2015 was 15.80, a 15.05% decline from 2010. Poland suicide rate for 2010 was 18.60, a 5.08% increase from 2005.

What is the phenomenon of absence from work in Poland?

The content is the responsibility of the authors. In Poland, the phenomenon of absence from work can be described mostly in terms of sick leave, for which data are available. Since 2008, the scale of sick leave has been rising.