How much should a bartender make at a wedding?

How much should a bartender make at a wedding?

$30 – $50 per hour. The average cost for a wedding bartender is $40 per hour. Hiring a bartender for your big day, you will likely spend between $180 to $250 for the whole event. The price of a wedding bartender can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

Can a friend bartend my wedding?

You can likely still use friends as bartenders, so long as they have some sort of certification (In canada its called serving it right I think). I would get a special events license or event insurance as well.

Do guests tip bartenders at weddings?

Bartenders. Bartending services are often included as part of your caterer’s package, and gratuity is frequently included in the bill. If it isn’t, or if you hired your bartender separately, tip 10–15 percent of the pre-tax bar bill, to be split between the evening’s bartenders.

How many bartenders should I have at my wedding?

How Many Wedding Bartenders Do You Need? Plan on having one bartender for every 35 guests if you want the bar to run smoothly. So a 150-person wedding will need four or five bartenders.

How do you handle alcohol at a wedding?

  1. Have a Limited Bar. Keep it simple with the essentials: wine, beer and a signature drink.
  2. Have a Brunch or Lunch Reception.
  3. Serve Only Wine and/or Beer.
  4. Serve Only a Signature Drink.
  5. Save the Good Stuff for Toasts.
  6. Serve One or Two Expensive Spirits.

How many bartenders do you need for 100 guests?

one bartender
If you are only serving beer and wine, you will need one bartender for every 100 guests.

How many hours do bartenders work at a wedding?

Bartenders are responsible for a lot more than that, including getting your bar set up for a successful event, and breaking down the whole apparatus afterward. “Even for the simplest bar, there’s a lot to set up.” For a four-hour reception, you’re probably looking at seven hours of paid work from your bartenders. What About Tipping?

When to hire a bartender for labor alone?

When hiring bartenders for bartending labor alone, the bartender(s) will usually arrive about 15 – 30 minutes before guests are set to arrive. In most cases, you will be responsible for having the bar set up with glassware, drinks on ice, and all utensils prepared and ready for your bartender’s arrival.

Do you tip the bartender at a wedding?

Unfortunately, tipping at special events is usually no where near what a professional bartender is used to making even at a standard bar, so we pay our bartenders pretty high to keep them happy and try to compensate for the difference.

How are bartenders trained to take care of guests?

Bartenders are trained to monitor how much each guest is taking in and cut them off when they’ve had too much. If uncle Rob tends to overdo it at parties, you will have the confidence that someone is watching him. Bartenders have an eye for numbers when it comes to planning.

Who is the bartender at a wedding reception?

Wedding receptions that feature a bar often function with the help of a qualified, trained wedding banquet bartender. The bartender might work as part of an event catering company, as a freelancer or as an employee of the banquet hall or wedding reception facility. Consultation.

Do you need a tip jar for a wedding bartender?

Tip jars are definitely not necessary, especially when you’re offering an open bar. If your contract doesn’t include a service fee and gratuity, you should have a tip ready to share with the bartenders when the evening is over.

How much does it cost to hire a bartender?

For more information on how to pick the right bartender/s and the pricing structure please visit: It really depends on the bartender, pro bartenders works minimum $50 an hour, good quality drinks counts on experience and the health of your guests. if you just want some one to pour and serve, any body can do that, even for free.

How old do you have to be to work at a wedding banquet?

The bartender is responsible for ensuring that alcoholic beverages are not dispensed to people under the age of 21. The wedding banquet bartender may be required to monitor the alcohol intake of guests in accordance with the banquet hall or catering company’s service and insurance policies.