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How many hours can you work as a timekeeping supervisor?

How many hours can you work as a timekeeping supervisor?

With supervisory approval, employees can earn credit hours, up to a maximum of 2 hours per day. Credit hours can only be earned Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. No more than 24 credit hours can be carried forward from one pay period to another.

What does a supervisor need to know about time and attendance?

The supervisor must review and approve the time and attendance information reported for each employee under his/her supervision. Each supervisor must rely on established systems of internal control to ensure accuracy and legal compliance of time and attendance documents he/she is approving.

What are the guidelines for a compressed schedule?

Compressed schedule employee guidelines: Compressed (5-4/9) is an optional tour of duty which consists of a fixed work schedule that has a basic biweekly work requirement of 9-hour days during 8 days of the biweekly pay period and 8 hours on a 9th day to complete the 80-hour biweekly work requirement.

Where does the Office of Personnel Management regulate work schedules?

The title 5 statutes regarding the establishment of work schedules, including alternate work schedules, can be found in 5 U.S.C chapter 61, Hours of Work. OPM’s regulations on the establishment of work schedules can be found in 5 CFR part 610, Hours of Duty.

How many minutes can you deviate from the scheduled time?

Therefore, a deviation may be allowed from the scheduled time for each clock ring up to 0.08 hour (5 minutes). However, the sum of the deviations for the scheduled tour must not exceed 0.08 hour (5 minutes).

Is the federal government responsible for work schedules?

We develop and maintain Governmentwide regulations and policies on the administration of work schedules, including the basic 40-hour workweek, holidays, and flexible and compressed work schedules. However, each Federal agency is responsible for administering work scheduling policies and programs for its own employees.

How many hours do you have to work for Sunday premium?

Eligible bargaining unit employees receive Sunday premium for all hours worked during a scheduled tour any part of which falls on Sunday. The amount of Sunday premium cannot exceed the hours worked, nor can it exceed 8.00 hours per tour.