How long do you have to work for a company to be made redundant?

How long do you have to work for a company to be made redundant?

You can be made redundant if the business closes down where you work. This is a genuine reason for redundancy. If you’ll have been working for your employer for at least 2 years by the time you leave your employer should see if they can offer you a different job.

What does it mean to do a job restructuring?

Job restructuring is when an employer changes the nature and responsibilities of an employee’s position. With job restructuring, you might add similar tasks to an employee’s workload. Or, you might give higher-level responsibilities to an employee, even though they are in the same position.

Can a business make an employee redundant or restructuring?

However, if the business has employees who work in the cleaning and food catering services at any workplace; laundry services for the education, health or age related sector; orderly services for the health or age-related sector; or caretaking services for the education sector, there are special rules that apply to them.

Which is an example of a horizontal restructuring?

Horizontal restructuring consists of adding new tasks to an employee’s workload that fall into the same level as their current responsibilities. For example, you might have an employee who works in your accounting department start taking on more financial-related tasks along with their normal job responsibilities.

Can a 14 year old work as a laborer?

The Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits employers from employing oppressive child labor. 29 US Code 212(c) It allows employers to employ minors who are 14 and 15 years old for certain jobs or occupations that are deemed by the US Department of Labor not to be oppressive labor.

What happens when an employer restructures a job?

Job restructuring does not always result from other changes in the workplace. Sometimes, employers restructure positions to satisfy or benefit an employee. Job restructuring may benefit workers who:

Why did I leave my job after 15 years?

After over 15 years of service my employer decided to accept my resignation or terminate my employment. Of course I chose to resign. Thing is that I was their top Project Manager. But after a customer complaint, which was my word against the word of the client, they decided to let me go.

When is an employer considering making an employee redundant?

When an employer is considering making an employee (s) redundant or restructuring job positions, it is important that an employer shows good faith to its employees. The employer needs to ensure that the redundancy is genuine and must follow the correct process when carrying out either the redundancy or restructuring.

How are companies getting rid of older employees?

Companies looking to ditch older employees can be creative in the ways they try to avoid age discrimination claims. Here are 11 of their sneakiest ploys. 1. Job elimination. One of the most common excuses used to get rid of older employees is “job elimination.” However, that may just be an excuse for what is really age discrimination.