How does the 1199SEIU help the healthcare industry?

How does the 1199SEIU help the healthcare industry?

As the healthcare industry undergoes rapid and unprecedented changes, the Training and Employment Funds are working to help ensure that 1199SEIU members and institutions have the skills and resources they need to provide high-quality patient care in this new environment.

How much does the 1199SEIU union dues pay?

Dues pay for the legal experts who work with us to negotiate our contracts, the organizers who help us solve problems on the job, and the campaigns we run to support workers who want to join our union. In 1199, dues are capped at $100 per month.

Is the 1199SEIU call center open on Good Friday?

In observation of the Good Friday holiday, the Member Services Call Center is open for urgent issues only, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Your Outreach Coordinator will be available to assist you directly or at [email protected]

Is there a call center for TEF 1199?

We will continue to be of service for you remotely, and staff is available through our call center at (844) TEF-1199. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TEF has taken measures to protect your health and safety while continuing to support your educational goals and workforce needs.

Is the 1199SEIU the Union for home health workers?

Home health workers across the Union have been leading the way for vaccinations and PPE for home-based care workers. In New York City, 1199SEIU homecare workers have helped organize a host of vaccination and PPE distribution events.

Are there any 1199SEIU funds in the US?

The 1199SEIU Funds are among the strongest and largest labor-management funds in the nation, providing a range of comprehensive benefits to 400,000 working and retired healthcare industry workers and their families. Read more. IRS Form 1095-B Notice: If you wish to obtain your IRS Form 1095-B, you may do so by contacting us.

Is the 1199SEIU contract the same as the league contract?

The 1199SEIU/League contract is a master contract that covers tens of thousands of hospital workers. It is the “model contract” whose conditions—wages, benefits, and worker protections—we seek to match throughout our Union. Many hospitals and medical centers outside of the League have “me-too” contracts that are modeled on the League’s.

What was the result of the 1199SEIU campaign?

After years of urging lawmakers to resolve the issue of short-staffing and its impact on quality care, 1199SEIU members scored a big win today in their “Invest in Quality Care” campaign, ( when the NYS Assembly and Senate passed legislation that requires minimum staffing at all nursing homes.