How do you know your a targeted individual?

How do you know your a targeted individual?

Targeted individuals often report headaches, red eyes, frequent direct pain, toothaches and plenty of other symptoms as signs of being attacked. Continued bad luck or the occasional rude stranger are often taken as signs of being a targeted individual.

How do I know if I’m being Gangstalked?

It’s called “mobbing” or “gangstalking” and there are seven unmistakable signs that it’s happening to you.

  • Everyone is suspiciously on the same page.
  • You feel uncomfortable and don’t know why.
  • Facts don’t add up.
  • You feel trapped in a bubble.
  • You notice regular, small changes that everyone else ignores.

What is the targeted individual program?

Generally, this is a lifetime program researching weapons technology, gathering data, permitted under the National Security Act. If you are targeted by them, you will be tortured continuously or from time to time at their need or discretion. If you move, it might take time for them to find you, but they will.

What is the motive for using electronic surveillance?

The motive for using electronic surveillance may be to maintain power and control over you, to make it hard for you to have any privacy or a life separate from the abuser, and/or to try to discover (and stop) any plans you may be making to leave the abuser.

How does a RNM Stalker spy on You?

RNM stalkers spy on you, using remote see through wall satellite technology and remote audio satellite surveillance on you i.e. where you go, what you say. They track you in real time and try to understand your weak and strong points. So that RNM stalkers can harass you. Remote audio satellite surveillance: 1.

Is the stalking watchlist unconstitutional in the USA?

Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America. In December 2019, Federal Judge Anthony Trenga, ruled that the Watchlist was Unconstitutional because the Dept of Justice (DOJ) and FBI failed to show any shred of evidence, that the listed names were “known or suspected terrorists.”

How is gangstalking connected to the martial law plan?

Gangstalking is also connected to the Martial Law plan signed by President GW Bush in 2007. Grossly illegal and Unconstitutional. State and County officials with the Office of Emergency Management are involved in the gangstalking, as well as, planning for Martial Law.

What do you need to know about Shaw Communications?

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Do you have to be a Shaw business to use smartsurveillance?

New customers must not have subscribed to the applicable Shaw Business product (s) within the last 60 days. SmartSurveillance Service is only available as an add-on to Business Internet 30, 60, 75, 150, 300, 600 or Gigabit or with SmartWiFi 30, 60, 75, 150, 300, 600 or Gigabit. Prices shown do not include tax or installation fees.

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Is the Shaw address retained by the company?

This address is only used to identify which services we can offer in your area and is not retained by Shaw or used for any other purpose. Existing customers may see different rates, terms and promotions than those offered to new customers.