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How do I teach my child to turn?

How do I teach my child to turn?

Learning to wait for their turn to speak is another aspect of waiting. You can achieve this by teaching them to gently place their hand on your arm when you are speaking to someone to let you know that they have something to say and when you are finished, you can turn to them and give them your full attention.

How do I teach my toddler to turn?

Improve waiting Flip through a book or photo album or the pictures on your cell phone. Sing a favorite song or retell a familiar story. (Hey, the time will pass more quickly for you too.) And speaking of time, you can help your toddler learn that a minute really isn’t very long by setting a timer.

Why is taking turns important?

Take turns Taking turns is an important part of communication development for young children. When children learn to take turns, they learn the basic rhythm of communication, that back-and-forth exchange between people. They also learn about taking turns and communication through serve and return interactions.