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How do I submit my work show on homework?

How do I submit my work show on homework?

You can also upload documents and images straight from your mobile device with the Show My Homework App. There is no “Submit” button here, but for online submissions you will see a paperclip next to your comment box. That’s it! Your homework will automatically be marked as submitted.

How do you submit an assignment on LMS?

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How do I upload an assignment to LMS portal?

In the course overview window click on the course for which assignment submission is required. Assignment link will be shown on the course page. Click the link to submit assignment. Click on Add Submission Button.

What is LMS technology?

A learning management system, (LMS) is a software that is designed specifically to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content. The LMS can be hosted as a stand-alone product on the company server, or it can be a cloud-based platform that is hosted by the software firm.

What is LMS portal?

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments, all from a centralized console.

How can I become Aiou tutor?

Minimum second class master degree with government teachers in BPS-16 and above at least two years teaching experience required. Intermediate / HSSC: Minimum second class master degree in the relevant subject and having three years post qualification teaching experience in government teachers working in grade 11 to 15.

Can I do LLB from Aiou?

ISLAMABAD (Online) – Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will start LLB classes from next semester. The statuary body of the University has already approved the program and the University is now in process of finalizing matters relating to its Faculty and course material.

What is tutorship in Aiou?

Tutorship jobs is part time jobs. In every semester, Allama Iqbal Open University hires a large number of Teaching staff called as “Tutor”, for the purpose of teaching into various courses, ranging from secondary level to Ph. D degree. aiou Tutor Names list. Tutorship advertisement are publish in the newspapers.

How do I upload documents to Aiou tutor?

Just Visit the Official Portal of AIOU Tutorship and Sign in with the CNIC & Password that u have used at time of application. Then Upload all documents on AIOU Portal which are required. Additional Information (Other Details.) After Uploading Make sure to Click Submit Button on Main Dashboard.