How do I replace my lost Philippine passport?

How do I replace my lost Philippine passport?

In case of lost or stolen valid passport, you may file and report your lost valid passport application at the Consular Office of your choice. You will be required to submit a Police Report (in English) and an Affidavit of Loss.

What if I didnt pay my DFA appointment?

You cannot cancel an unpaid DFA appointment. This is impossible because cancellation requires an appointment code. The figure is only sent to you after making payments within 24 hours through your payment reference number. If you try to pay after the specified time, it will be rejected.

What to do if you lose your passport right before a flight?

Here’s what to do if you lose your passport right before a flight

  1. Immediately contact the US embassy.
  2. If your ID was stolen, obtain a police report.
  3. Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before leaving for a trip. It will make it easier to get help from the embassy while abroad.

What to do if you lost your passport in the Philippines?

1. The Consular Officer reserves the right to require additional proof or documents, pursuant to R.A. 8239 (The Philippine Passport Act of 1996) for the purpose of verifying the identity, citizenship and personal circumstances of the applicant. 2. Submission of the required documents does not guarantee issuance of a new passport.

What are the requirements for a lost passport?

Requirements for Lost, Mutilated or Tampered Passports and Passports with Discrepancy: All cases of lost, mutilated and tampered passports take more time than normal applications with the needed verifications and clearances. · Personal appearance. · DFA authenticated PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate or Report of Birth.

What are the requirements for a Philippine passport?

If applicant is not traveling with adoptive parent/s, applicant must submit DSWD clearance and Affidavit of Support and Consent executed by the adoptive parent/s. The Affidavit of Support and Consent must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate if executed abroad.

How to claim a lost passport in Japan?

· Submit Notarized Affidavit of Mutilation with detailed explanation on when, where, and how passport got mutilated or damaged – Form available at the Consulate General of download here. · Original and photocopy of the data page of mutilated or damaged passport. · Declaration of the true and valid name and proof of identity.

A valid passport is required to enter the Philippines. With the exception of stateless people and those from countries that have no diplomatic relations with the Philippines, everyone is allowed to enter and stay for three weeks without visas. This is contingent on the travelers showing proof of their onward journeys.

What documents are needed to replace a passport?

To replace a passport, you will need proof of citizenship, a government-issed identification card, two passport photos and your social security number. Check the State site for updated fee rates.

How do you renew Philippines passport?

How to Renew the Philippine Passport in the Embassy of the Philippines, Abu Dhabi Step 1: Book an online appointment for e-Passport renewal. Step 2: Go to the appointment with the requirements for the passport renewal. Step 3: Claim your passport at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi, 8 to 12 weeks (processing time) after the application.