How do I get an index number in NY?

How do I get an index number in NY?

In a hard-copy case, the filing party obtains an index number by (i) completing an index number purchase sheet; and (ii) paying to the County Clerk’s cashier a fee of $ 210 (absent a poor person order and except in foreclosure cases). The index number shall be affixed to the papers.

How long is an index number good for in NY?

An index number is good indefinitely as long as it is served upon the Defendant within the 120 statutory timeframe (NY) or served upon Defense Counsel on consent…

How do you find an index number?

1. Simple Aggregative Method: In this method, the index number is equal to the sum of prices for the year for which index number is to be found divided by the sum of actual prices for the base year.

What is an Article 78 proceeding in New York?

What is an Article 78 Proceeding? In an Article 78 proceeding, you ask a state court to review a decision or action of a New York State official or administrative agency, such as a prison official or the Board of Parole, which you believe was unlawful.

What is index number with example?

Index numbers measure a net or relative change in a variable or a group of variables. For example, if the price of a certain commodity rises from ₹10 in the year 2007 to ₹15 in the year 2017, the price index number will be 150 showing that there is a 50% increase in the prices over this period.

What is ideal index number?

Fisher’s Ideal volume index is the geometric mean of the Laspeyres and Paasche volume indices. Context: A measure of change in volume from period to period. It is calculated as the geometric mean of a chain Paasche volume index and a chain Laspeyres volume index.

What is cost of living index number?

Cost of Living Index Number is constructed to study the effect of changes in the price of goods and services of consumers for a current period as compared with base period. Therefore the cost of living index number measures the average increase in the cost to maintain the same standard of life.

Are New York court records public?

These records are available to all members of the general public, who are able to access these records in a concise and immediate manner, and without requiring the divulgence of personal information unless such information is required to access confidential information.

Are NY court records public?

Most court records are publicly available in New York. This includes documents and proceedings for both criminal and civil court cases. One exception is divorce cases where the records are sealed.

Where can I find Queens County Court records?

View instructions for requesting various types of records from the Queens County Clerk’s Office; search clerk minutes and matrimonial/divorce records by index number or name and year. Search Rockland County Supreme Court and County Court records online. Sign in as a guest to search index information for free.

How to enter index number for New York local civil court?

New York Local Civil Court The index number for local civil cases should be entered in the following format: LT-123456-06/NY (the first 2 letters represent the case type and the last 2 letters represent the court code)

Where is Queens County Supreme Court in Long Island City?

Queens County Supreme Court – Civil Term 25-10 Court Square, Long Island City, NY 11101 Phone: 718-298-1000 Fax: 7

Is the Queens County Clerk’s office accepting credit cards?

The Queens County Clerk’s office strives to provide the public with services in an efficient, innovative and cost effective manner. We will continue to improve and facilitate the availability of information online. What’s New! Special Notice – The Queens County Clerk’s Office now accepts credit card payments for all transactions.

Are there any court records in Queens County?

With few exceptions, most Queens county court records are public domain via the FOIA of 1966. This means that anyone can lookup court records in Queens county.

Where to search New York state court records?

Location: 88-11 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, N.Y. 11435 Room 106 ALL SEARCHES MUST BE IN WRITING. A search will have to be conducted. You can find the Index Number and a list of documents on file for case Index years 1992 to Present by going to: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/qcco

How to pay Queens County Clerk search fee?

All fees are payable to the Queens County Clerk by U.S. postal money order, certified check, or NYS attorney’s check. No personal checks will be accepted. Please send separate money orders for each two year search period requested. A separate money order is required for the Certification and/or Exemplification fee.

How to file for divorce in Queens Supreme Court?

Counsel and Litigants are encouraged to refer to the Divorce Resources site for forms. Effective immediately, the Queens Supreme Matrimonial Department shall utilize the Preliminary Conference form listed under “General Forms”.