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How do I find an old trust?

How do I find an old trust?

If you can’t find original living trust documents, you can contact the California Bar Association for assistance. Trusts aren’t recorded anywhere, so you can’t go to the County Recorder’s office in the courthouse to ask to see a copy of the trust.

Does a trust expire?

A trust can remain open for up to 21 years after the death of anyone living at the time the trust is created, but most trusts end when the trustor dies and the assets are distributed immediately. If the beneficiary is an incompetent person, then they might receive funds from the trust until they die.

How to find out if there is a trust fund?

Hard to do that from your note, for example, “trust fund” suggests there’s a trust. but “guardianship” is a different animal altogether. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action. A get a lawyer and bring suit against the person or persons who had control over the money and/or were appointed as your guardian/conservator.

How to find the beneficiary of a trust account?

You need to contact an investigator to search for the information you are looking for, or consult an attorney for assistance to assist you look for your beneficiary accounts. Have you performed a record search in the court house where an estate may have been filed on the person who left you a trust account?

When does an asset not count in a revocable trust?

If an asset does not count because it was not available to the applicant at his option, then it certainly will not be available for estate recovery when the applicant dies. This part actually does make sense. Assets in a revocable trust will be wholly available for estate recovery the same as if there was no trust.

When do I have to report income from an irrevocable trust?

The irrevocable trust must file income tax returns even though during the trust creators’ lifetimes, the income was reported on their individual returns. When applying for an EIN for the irrevocable trust, the usual date to report for when the trust funded is the date of the second spouse’s death.