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How do I delete a post from TheDirty?

How do I delete a post from TheDirty?

Technically speaking, you can remove a post by going through TheDirty directly; the site has a page where you can request that posts be removed. The site outlines two main paths toward removal. First, you can present TheDirty with a court order mandating the removal of the content in question.

Can you be charged for posting on TheDirty?

If someone posts false information on the site, they may face extremely serious legal consequences for doing so. Users who post false information can face civil lawsuits for damages, and in certain cases they can be criminally prosecuted.

How long does TheDirty post take?

At Reputation X, we have a successful track record in doing what seems impossible – reclaiming your online reputation. Reputation X can usually remove a post on within two to four weeks.

Who posts on The Dirty?

Nik Richie
Born Hooman Abedi Karamian February 12, 1979
Occupation Blogger, writer
Years active 2007–2018
Known for Gossip website; reality TV appearances

How to remove defamation posts from

The most effective way to remove online defamation from is to contact an experienced Internet defamation attorney, like myself. When dealing with online defamation, time is of the essence. Just as a simple fire can spread into a full blown forest fire,…

How long does it take to remove a post from TheDirty?

Most guaranteed content removals we offer for TheDirty start at $2,500 and take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days. We know what it takes to secure seamless and permanent post removals. To remove yourself and false posts from the popular gossip website TheDirty:

What can you do about defamation on the Internet?

Online defamation encompasses reviews on sites like Ripoff Report, social media postings, website comments, chat room discussions, podcasts, blog posts, and more. Any bad review or public complaint about you or your business can be damaging.

Can you sue someone for defamation on

(Hopefully) once you receive a response from the ISP, you will be given the name of the account holder. This may be the author of “your post.” After the successful identification of an anonymous poster, you may then name them as the defendant should you choose to file a defamation lawsuit.

How can I get a post removed from TheDirty?

The site outlines two main paths toward removal. First, you can present TheDirty with a court order mandating the removal of the content in question. The site doesn’t consider itself to be the “Truth Police,” so its staff won’t go to extra lengths to determine whether any given post is true or false.

Can a website be forced to remove defamatory content?

If the identity of an author of a post can be ascertained, the author can be confronted about his or her statements and can sometimes be convinced, by the threat of legal action or otherwise, to remove the information voluntarily (assuming the website where the content is published allows the author to retract the content).

Can a defamation letter be sent to a person?

So, the good news is that for both the person who believes they’re the victim of defamation of character and for the person who posted the statement, which allegedly is a false statement of fact, which is subjecting you to a threat letter for defamation, is that these posts can be removed.

How to report and remove defamation on YouTube?

There are two primary methods to report defamation on YouTube: Flag a video. It is important to note that Google owns and operates YouTube, so you will be directed to Google Support when you submit a complaint or flag defamatory content. Do not be alarmed! Google is YouTube’s parent company, so YouTube’s complaint process matches that of Google.