How do Florida courts determine child support?

How do Florida courts determine child support?

Florida follows an “Income Shares Model” for determining child support. This means that courts will attempt to estimate the amount of money the parents would have spent on their children if they remained together and were not divorcing. This amount is then divided between the two parents, based on their incomes.

How is child support enforced in the state of Florida?

Enforcement Of Child Support. Florida has very strict child support laws to ensure that a parent is paying their required amount of support. A parent may be able to seek assistance from Florida’s Department of Revenue or a private child support law firm. A parent also has many different types of sanctions they can use when enforcing child support.

When to seek back owed child support in Florida?

Back Owed Child Support In Florida Under Florida child support law, a parent has the right to seek retroactively (back owed) child support. Generally, retroactive child support will date back to when the parents stopped residing together in the same home. Regardless, the period for retroactive child support in Florida cannot exceed 24 months.

Can a single parent waive child support in Florida?

See Florida child support law 39.01. Child support is the responsibility of every parent, regardless of whether the two parents are married, divorced, or single. Under Florida child support law, parents are not able to waive child support obligations.

What’s the penalty for fraudulent child support in Florida?

Fraudulent use of personal identification information concerning another person is a third degree felony under section 817.568, Florida Statutes, punishable by a fine of up to $5000 and up to five years in prison. In response to COVID-19, all child support offices are temporarily closed to customers until further notice.

How do you pay child support in Florida?

In the state of Florida, parents who owe child support have the option to pay by check or credit card. When paying by check, you’ll want to include your child support case number on the check. Parents receiving child support have the option to receive direct deposit or pre-paid debit card payments.

Where is Child Support Office in Florida?

Tampa Child Support & Social Service Office 6302 East Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Tampa FL 33619 800-622-5437. The Tampa Child Support Office is part of a national system for child support enforcement in Tampa, FL.

What is the number for child support in Florida?

Contact Number of Child Support Florida. The contact number of Child Support Florida is +1 800-622-5437.

What age does child support end in Miami?

If your child has not graduated high school by his or her 18th birthday, child support will not end at 18, but instead will continue until graduation. 19 years old is the maximum age of a child in Florida for parent to continue receiving child support (except in rare instances – read below).