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How did the Rite Aid worker get fired?

How did the Rite Aid worker get fired?

A Pennsylvania Rite Aid worker was fired after she brandished a small pocketknife when a raging customer destroyed the store because she’d asked him to leave for not wearing a face mask.

What’s the no tolerance policy at Rite Aid?

I think it’s unfair how they handled it.” Rite Aid spokesman Chris Savarese called the altercation “unfortunate” but said the company has a “no-tolerance” policy for weapons. “For many reasons, we have a no-tolerance policy specific to associates bringing weapons to our facilities and having weapons on person,” Savarese said in a statement.

Who is the shift manager at Rite Aid in York PA?

Shift manager Elena Santiago, 40, told the York Daily Record a young man carrying a skateboard came into the York, Pa., chain shortly afternoon on Thursday, Sept. 3. The man ignored her first two requests that he put on a face covering as required under state law.

Is it illegal for an employer to fire an employee?

Some courts have also held that employers cannot fire you because you took advantage of a legal remedy or exercised a legal right—such as filing a workers’ compensation claim or reporting a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Employers may not fire even at-will employees for illegal reasons, and discrimination is illegal.

Who was the woman that was fired from Rite Aid?

CNN YORK, Pa. – Elena Santiago says she was fired from her job at a Rite Aid in York, Pennsylvania, after she defended herself from a customer who reacted violently when she asked him to leave the store for refusing to wear a face mask.

Who was the shift manager at Rite Aid?

A shift manager at the Rite Aid pharmacy just off the square in downtown York, she loved talking to regular customers, people she considered friends. The store serves as a center of the community downtown – more like the corner store than part of a corporate chain.

Who was the CEO of McDonald’s that was fired?

Former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook. Steve Easterbrook was ousted as McDonald’s (MCD) CEO and president after the board determined that he violated company policy in early November.