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How can I use Testmoz for free?

How can I use Testmoz for free?

Testmoz is (very) simple.1 Adjust a few settings. In a few clicks, you can completely customize your test.2 Add your questions. On a single page, you can insert, edit, and rearrange all your questions.3 Distribute the URL. Just email the URL to your students, or post on your website, and you’re done.

How many students can attempt in online exam at Testmoz?

How many students can be enrolled in this system or online exam? Ans: No limit on number students taking exam, but in free version, only 100 results we can, for example 1500 students have given the test, only first 100 results we can see.

How many participants can solve the online quiz in the free version of Testmoz?

Free users of Testmoz can have 100 test takers (you can delete results to allow more people to take it).

Is edmodo free LMS?

Edmodo is a free Facebook-like learning management system (LMS) that teachers can use to manage online instruction. Teachers can create an account, classes, and their first assignment or quiz within minutes and can invite students and parents to join them via class code, email, or handout.