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How can I get my child to slow down when reading?

How can I get my child to slow down when reading?

Tips to Slow Down Your Speed ReadersHave the student read the passage to you, untimed and with correct phrasing, before he or she can do the Pass timing.Emphasize comprehension by having the student retell the story to you before the Pass timing.Reduce the number of read-alongs. Lower the student’s goal.

How do I get my child to slow down?

We’ve got some ideas that can help your children slow down and connect with themselves on a deeper level, including:Take time and breathe. Activate the Spidey senses. Create a calming jar. Keep a gratitude journal. Listen to music. Learn from experts. Practice yoga. Learn more.

How can I help my apathetic child?

Provide encouragement, particularly when the going gets tough. Give them variety because if they get stuck on one thing they could get frustrated. Provide short-term tasks to show them they can succeed. Offer concrete rewards for completion of assignments at home or at school.